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I have just finished “Salt of the Earth” (which really was an interview put into book form)
Looking for more recommendations of his writing to read. I was…cant even find the words…moved? by this man’s convictions, intelligence, his way of explaining and giving answers to today’s many anti-Catholic arguments.


The Spirit of the Liturgy is a very good read by Ratzinger in which he goes into the importance of the liturgy and some of its history.

I agree. Ratzinger is an amazing writer. It’s amazing how much he packs into those few sentences.


A very classic set is his two-part “Jesus of Nazareth” books. I have not personally read them, but I’m told they’re excellent. I’m part way (hah! More like barely!) through “The Spirit of the Liturgy”, and it too is awesome!


I’ve read parts of both the first edition of Jesus of Nazareth and the Infancy Narratives and both have been fantastic. I’ve owned a copy of the Infancy Narratives for quite some time but never found the time to finish it (it’s a small book though- maybe I should get on it! :smile:). I was in adoration a couple of years ago when I came across the first edition and read a couple of pages (our chapel has quite the collection of books). Needless to say I was hooked and tried to find a copy of the book in the local bookstore but only found the Infancy Narratives. I’ve been thinking about getting a copy ever since, probably on amazon or something. So from what I’ve read, both are excellent and I would definitely recommend them. God bless, and let’s keep praying for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI! +JMJ+


I remember liking Introduction to Christianity, but, I read it four years ago when I was in high school and don’t remember too much from it. But, what I can tell you is that it was really dense. His Jesus of Nazareth books are much more accessible. I have on my shelf Holiness is Always In Season as Benedict XVI and Behold the Pierced One as Josef Ratzinger. I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet: just letting you know that these titles exist.


There are actually 3 parts: (1) Jesus’ public ministry; (2) Passion week; and (3) the infancy narratives.

I would recommend them, too, as a good place to start. “Introduction to Christianity”, despite it’s name, can be a little daunting for the newcomer

If you like “Salt of the Earth”, you might like The Ratzinger Report (1987), God and the World (2002), Light of the World (2010), and Last Testament (2017). Those are other interview books along the same lines. It really helps give you insight into the thought and mind of this great pope and theologian.


I have a volume of the complete theological writings of BXVI. If you want a lend of it, shoot me a PM and I’ll post it to you directly. I’ll need it back once you’re finished though, because it’s a gift from a friend :stuck_out_tongue:

His writing is beautiful. Once I finished it I felt as though I’d accomplished a degree, but it is all in clear and plain language. Any soul would benefit.


I have read 'Last Testament" and am waiting for “Ratzinger Report” to be delivered. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the other 2 … :slight_smile:


That is very generous of you. :slight_smile: I will pass, though, because when it comes to things like this, I read them and take all kinds of notes based on impressions that I get.

Thank you for the offer though!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks to all of you for the suggestions.

If others still want to make recommendations or support those recommendations already given, please feel free to continue to chime in…


God Is Near Us: The Eucharist, the Heart of Life.

It is a collection of homilies or essays on many different aspects of the Eucharist.


I second Joe’s recommendation of “Light of the World,” the 2010 interview book with Peter Sewald. It can be comprehended without a lot of effort, perfect for someone like me!


All three of his encyclicals are absolutely wonderful. They’re deep and are good for meditating upon, yet also surprisingly easy to read.


Did he write anything on Mary?


Yes he did! I saw this at Half Price Books the other day and now it’s on my future buy list.


That book is billed as a “coffee table book.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It includes lots of pictures and is basically a curated selection of things Pope Benedict has said about Mary.

He also co-wrote a book on Mary with Von Balthasar (not sure why Amazon has Stephen Ray tagged as the author):


Ach… they said the same thing aboot the Book of Kell’s, but I heeear it’s literary content is of the heeist quality. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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