Books by Saint Augustine free on Kindle

I just put together a new book and it is free on Kindle today: The Life and Writings of Saint Augustine. It is really six books. First, there is a new biography of Saint Augustine that I researched and wrote. Then, there are five of Saint Augustine’s most influential writings:

The Confessions
The City of God
On Christian Doctrine
On the Trinity
On Grace and Free Will

You can pick up a copy free today for Kindle here:

Thanks for reading,
Wyatt North

Thank you! I just downloaded it.

Thank you! Please help spread the word.

God bless,

Thank you, I too have just downloaded it!

Thank you!!

I’m downloading it on the family’s shared Kindle. Thanks!

Great, thank you all so much for the support. Please help spread St. Augustine’s word!


Free for another day or two if anyone else wants to download it.

If folks are interested I believe today is the last day to pick up a free copy. Please help spread the word.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for downloading. 2,000+ copies were downloaded over 5 days!!

By the way, I have a new collection of Easter Stories that should be out this week (for free of course).

Keep us posted…my 10 y.o. daughter is an avid reader and just made it to a contest for young writers of WV through her school. I appreciate what you are doing here. Samson

Thanks. Unfortunately, after reviewing the forums rules, I am not longer allowed to post notices of my free books. People will have to sign up for my email mailing list to get notice of when I publish free books on Kindle.

You can get the summa for a buck as well. Or I might have gotten it for free. It’s fairly impossible to reference stuff though.

I got the Douay Rheims for a buck- though I’m not crazy about the translation. Anyway, can’t beat the price. :slight_smile:

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