Books comparing Catholic and Protestant beliefs

Does anyone have any good book recommendations of any books co-authored by a Catholic and Protestant that compares the two (agreements and disagreements on doctrine) that isn’t polemical and that doesn’t misrepresent the Catholic doctrinal positions.

I know of none

The difficulty with such a book would be that there is no single “Protestant” belief set to compare to. In addition to having different doctrinal beliefs among the protestant denominations some will even have different definitions for the same named beliefs.



The Catholic Answers booklet “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” is an excellent concise overview of the Catholic Faith, contrasting it with some generic Protestant" beliefs!

"Catholic Christianity" by Peter J. Kreeft, Ignatius Press, is “complete Catechism of Catholic Belifs based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church”. It is an excellent book which touches on Protestant & other religious beliefs in comparison with Catholicism.

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There is a book I purchased seveal years ago which I never finished reading called, ‘Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical.’ by Father John R. Waiss and James G. McCarthy. They write these letters back and forth and compare their position on different doctrine and beliefs of Catholicism and Evangelical Protestantism. The letters are friendly and they get detailed as each states his postion. I bought it at my local Borders Books and you can get it at Amazon.

One of my favorite books along these lines is “Catholic & Christian” by Alan Schreck. While the author is a Catholic, the book addresses most of the common misconceptions held by Protestants regarding the Catholic faith, and then presents the true Catholic teachings and explanations regarding them. It is written in a very non-argumentative style and would be good for anyone to read…either Catholic or not.


“this book offers a comprehensive and balanced discussion” Jimmy Akin

Thanks for the book recommendations…

:thumbsup: I agree!

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