BOOKS: Dr. Mary's Monkey

Hearing an interview with the author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey, I hunted down the book. Amazon is sold-out of Dr. Mary’s Monkey. Small wonder. Author Edward Haslam stumbled upon this uber-conspiracy after researching the violent death of Dr. Mary Sherman, a friend of Haslam’s doctor-father. Dr. Sherman’s body was found at her apartment, and her death was characterized as a violent sex crime. Associates shied away from further involvement for fear of being accused of her murder and her 1964 killing faded into New Orleans’ sordid history.

Haslam found the autopsy years later and was stunned to realize that the only means of causing the devastating obliteration of her right arm and shoulder was the super high voltage found in her laboratory. Her body had been moved to her apartment and her clothes removed to frame a phony sex crime scenario. The high-voltage switch she pulled may have been sabotaged to hide Sherman’s work with the cancer-causing monkey virus contaminating polio vaccine; research to weaponize this cancer to kill Castro; and Lee Harvey Oswald’s link with her lab. Oswald was arrested with her lab’s identity card on his person, one signed by Dr. Sherman herself. 60 Minutes called it the story of the century but only aired it one time.

May the Way, Truth and Life give us a hearty appetite for truth and show us the way to His abundant life.

Last summer, I listened to a 2 hour interview with the author of this book discussing the details of the book on the Coast to Coast AM radio program with Ian Punnet. You can probably find an archive of it on the radio show's website. Very interesting.

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