BOOKS: E.W.T.N. A Network Gone Wrong

I would like some qualified (“unbiased opinions”) perhaps from some priests or moderators or seasoned members who have a thorough knowledge of the book EWTN “A Network Gone Wrong” I just received the book from the Fatima Center. I haven’t read the book fully yet though I have a few questionable oddities about EWTN. I would like some honest respected opinions about those whom subscribe to the Catholic Station concerning the errors they see.
Are there some errors from Church doctrine from different hosted programs being taught ?
I have seen a number of orthodox Catholic sites criticize much about moral theology being taught and broadcast. This worries me. Certainly Father Groeschel, Father Corapi and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen give excellent moral teachings. What gives ?

The Books Chapters are quite compelling as well as disturbing.

Part 1

The Silent Apostasy
A Great Facade of Novelty
The Scope of Crisis
What Does It Mean To Be A Catholic
Modernism The Synthesis of all Heresies

Part II

EWTN’s Moderate Modernism
Promotion of Liturgical Destruction
Abandoning the Dogma "No Salvation Outside the Church"
Abandoning The Return of Dissidents From Rome
Promoting The Return Of Judaizers
Promoting Paganism and Sacrilege
Quasi Idolatry of the Pope’s Person
Promoting Destruction of the Traditional Rosary
Promoting Sexual Gnosticism and the NFP Cult
Cool Catholicism
The Assault on Fatima

Part III

Did They Love You; John Paul II ?
What The evidence Shows
What Should We Do ?

In my own Archdiocese I have seen good holy orthodox priests removed from their positions whether it be Catholic Religious Education Centers, or being forced to retire early before 55 and 60 even though their health is excellent. Many of these shunned priests have numerous doctorates in various fields of faculties in theology. Some great orthodox teachers
are removed from inner city parishes with huge family populations and placed far in some remote rural areas where church attendance is so low the diocese is almost forced to sell the church. From what I can see of some of the critics of EWTN “A Network Gone Wrong” is the fact that they have a unchristian hate and diastase for anything in Catholic literature that remotely smells of what Father Gruner has to say. Is this always right ?

I hope someone more seasoned and unbiased than me will answer a more thorough response but in a nutshell, the book you mention is promoted by the Fatima Center which is not in line with authentic Catholic teaching. The book and its author and sponsor may have been snubbed by EWTN for its sedevacantist position. Put it another way, the Fatima Center believes EWTN is just another example of modernism in the Catholic Church.

One more spin: if Mother Angelica and her TV ministry had embraced Fr. Nicholas Gruner and his apostolate, “E.W.T.N. A Network Gone Wrong?” would never have been published.

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I can appreciate your answer. I myself am not a Sedevacantist. However; that being said I may be criticized for saying this ( I’m glad they are there") because it keeps the True Catholic Church in check which at times can be deceiving. And I say this with good reason. Jesus said in the End even the Elite will be Fooled. Who are the Elite today ?
They comprise of some theologians, priests, bishops, and cardinals in today’s troubled hierarchy inside the Holy Catholic Church.

Have you read Mother Angelica’s biography by Raymond Arroyo?
It seems that as EWTN was being built there were a number of problems just from within the Church about controlling the station and it’s content. She even had to do battle with the UCCCB at one point. While I cannot speak to every bit of EWTN content, I can say that what I see is highly orthodox and in line with the Vatican. Can The Fatima Center make the same case? I would suggest that, rather than “going wrong”, EWTN has the blessing and protection of the Holy Spirit.

As for the end times predictions, I trust that Our Holy Father and the Magisterium are up to the task of preserving the teachings of the Christ without help from the sedivacanists.


I read parts of the book. I wanted to get a different perspective on EWTN because it was my first introduction to Ecclesiam catholicam. This is a review I read of it, this guy explains where IHO Ferrera got it right and got it wrong. Sorry I don’t know how to embed a link but here’s the address:

Whadda ya know, I guess I do know how to embed a link.:shrug:

Isn’t Holy Family Monestary, the source of the review, also a sedivacanst group??


Actually Mother Angelica believed the same thing that Father Nicholas Grunar has been teaching for the past 30 years. Mother Angelica said from her own lips on one of her shows. that “She believed that the third secret was not fully revealed.” She agrees that things just don’t add up. When she was asked on her show on May 16, 2001, “If we were given the entire third secret”, she stated.

“As for the Secret, well I happen to be one of those individuals who thinks we didn’t get the whole thing. I told ya! I mean, you have the right to your own opinion, don’t you, Father? There, you know, that’s my opinion. Because I think it’s scary. And I don’t think the Holy See is going to say something that does not happen, that might happen. And then what does it do if it doesn’t happen? I mean the Holy See cannot afford to make prophecies, because. I know, —I don’t know—my funeral . . . It’s not me, so don’t look at me . . . Something’s gonna happen soon. It could be twenty years before it happens. So to God “soon” could be a thousand years. We don’t know that.”

EWTN states she left the show because she became sick, but there is proof that she was actually forced off her own show that she herself created. Was she forced off her own show for believing the truth? I say yes. The book EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong" has the facts.

Yes, they appear to be, so sorry! I didn’t look at their site until I saw your post. Sorry OP, didn’t mean to link you to something like that, when I read some of “EWTN ANGW” I googled Mother Angelica and wrong and got the link to the review. OOPS!:o


I would tend to side on the most part of your views with few reservations.
In all honesty I feel their are serious mistakes on both sides between those who feel there are moral consequential errors of weighty significance between those views brought to light with concerns of those who are true Sedevacantist and those who are devoted towards Vatican II. I personally feel greatly torn between both sides. A real orthodox Catholic would be in total denial if one did not admit to numerous errors.
I would much rather see a healing of divisions rather than our present situation in the Church today. Regrettably; that is for another day.
This is the great internal war wrought by Satan himself to tear the Catholic Church from the inside bringing division with the massive influence of Freemasonry dividing the clergy at all levels of the hierarchy herself which filters down to the laity. Of course we all know the end of this with the promise of Christ.The venerable St. Bede gives us the following explanation of the “Gates of Hades”:
The gates of Hades are depraved teachings, which by seducing the imprudent draw them down there. The gates of Hades are also the torments and blandishments of persecutors, which, either by frightening or by cajoling any of the weak away from the stability of the faith, open to them the entrance into everlasting death. But also the wrong-headed works of the unfaithful, or their silly conversations, are surely the gates of Hades, inasmuch as they show their hearers and followers the path of perdition. Many are the gates of Hades, but none of them prevails over the Church that has been founded upon the Rock. [Hom. 1.20, op. cit., 201.] (" Matthew 16.18-19") I say unto thee, That thou art Peter, and on this rock will I build My Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven…


Personally for what ever it’s worth I don’t believe the Third Secret was ever revealed in it’s entirety. Though much conjecture I have read certain members of the clergy make reference to the fact it has something to do with wayward breakdown of the shepherds in the Church from all levels in the hierarchy and something so embarrassing having taking place in the Vatican that the Magisterium would believe a vast number of present Catholics turn away from the Church. Of course this is all taken with a grain of salt. And what of the actual Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary ?

I once saw a picture of the book on the internet, and I thought “Oh brother”.

When I first started to get really interested in apologetics and learning about my Catholic faith, EWTN was a big help and it still is. I watch the channel all the time. To say EWTN is not orthodox and creating a “silent scandal in the Church (or whatever the book’s subtitle said)” is itself creating a scandal and division. EWTN is no doubt the work of the Holy Spirit. On Marcus Grodi’s show The Journey Home, you always hear a guest say that EWTN brought them to the Church. Even Mother Angelica’s story on her healing while praying the rosary helps us see the true fruit of her.

EWTN has excellent hosts such as Marcus Grodi, Fr. Mitch Pacwa (a Jesuit), Fr. Benedict G., Fr. John Corapi, etc., Raymond Arroyo, etc. To say that anyone of them has a show that is unorthodox is just sad.

Yes, I agree as well that the entirety of the 3rd secret has not been revealed.

On another note…Well the actual Consecraton of Russia to the Immaulate Heart of Mary has not taken place as of yet. There has been six different attempts by the Holy See(s) to consecrate Russia to the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Heart. All six attempts have never specifically named “Russia” in the past consecrations. Instead the Holly See(s) mentioned the word “world”. When God asks us to do something, he wants us to do it exactly like he asks. It is like a recipe. For example: The originator of a butter lb. cake says to add butter, and I decide to leave out the butter. The cake is not going to taste or turn out the way the originator wanted his cake to be. This is the reason why Russia continues to spread her many errors throughout the entire world. It is not going to stop until the Pope along with the Bishops, priests and laypersons get together and truly consecrate Russia to the Holy Mother’s (Lady of the Rosary) Immaculate Heart.

Anyone can read the Library of Congress database and search the country Russia to see the numerous errors this country is spreading throughout the entire world. It’s public records.

Library of Congress library link.

click on the link “Researchers” on the left.

Then click on the link “Federal Research Division,” It is listed under the title “Government Services” on the left midway down the page.

Click on the “go” button on the top right.

Then click on the “try it out” link on the left

Make sure the “Library of Congress website” box is checked.

Type in the Search Again box: DK510.23 .R883 1998 (this is the call number)

Type the words “Russia” and “abortions” in the boxes

Choose a Country Study: Russia
Search Russia: abortions

Select Search

Then select “Fertility”

Don’t read anything from the Fatima Center. It is led by a heretical priest who has been suspended from priestly duties.

Yes Father Gruner was suspended from Church duties. However; he was not excommunicated as many claim.

What of Christopher A Ferrara who actually authored this book ?

I’ve seen Ferrara on E.W.T.N. several times with Mother Angelica.

Worst of all I have read about a number of Catholics peg Mother Angelica as a
Sedevacantist ? Don’t get me wrong I don’t take everything I read as truth.
We all have do one heck of a lot of discerning in prayer, and still not get the right perfect answer. Holly; I began this post because I just puzzled. So many bad things have gone wrong in the Church. But I do in all earnest take your post seriously.


I checked out that book by Arroyo yesterday–from our parish library. It’s very informative and well-written–I’m almost finished with it! Just to show how separate Protestants and Catholics are, I had never even heard of her. (Catholic for almost 2 years)

I love how the author shows the hand of God in the building of EWTN. And as a former Protestant, I think it’s wonderful that the first television people to help her were Pat Robertson and Jim and Tammy Bakker. I like it when people get along.

I’m wondering what the third secret being fully revealed has to do with the faith as revealed by Jesus? Does it add to the faith something that was not revealed and should have been? I would say no.

All this seems to be the Catholic answer to protestant rapture “theologians” and end times speculation that has nothing to do with the faith and morals that lead to sanctifying grace. Of course this isn’t as “sexy” as conspiracy, and doesn’t make one feel powerful when one is in the “know” as opposed to those in the “evil Vatican”.

How is it that a priest who teachs the truth about Fatima is considered heretical ? All he is doing is teaching the truth? Father Gruinar has been teaching two very important things for the past 30 years. There are many, including Catholics who do not even know the story of Fatima. Father Grunar teaches the truth about the Fatima Apparitions.

  1. The Consecreation of Russia has not been completed.
  2. The entirety of the 3rd secret has not been revealed to the world.

God sent his Mother and Son to warn the entire world. This event happend in 1917, Porturgal, The Miracle of the Sun in front of 70,000 witnesses.

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