BOOKS: Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

I just finished reading a great coming-of-age story (coming of age is my favorite theme in storytelling, btw.) called Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass. It's a multiple POV story about three teenagers named Ally (short for Alpha, after a star. Her parents are astronomers and own a summer camp that's tailor-made for stargazing), Bree (mall rat with aspirations to be a model), and Jack (shy, overweight kid who tends to want to blend in). The story takes place as Ally's family's summer camp is getting ready for a total eclipse. What happens next causes profound changes in their lives. What I think was really great was that each chapter was told from a different character's POV. (each of the chapters is divided into thirds, and each of the teens mentioned shares each chapter. So, basically, the chapters are narrated by all three) I think this book would make an excellent movie for Disney or Walden (the makers of the Narnia movies). My favorite character was Ally. She seems like someone I'd like to meet in real life. (I'm not much of a stargazer, but I can identify Orion and the Ursa Major)

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