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Hello, my teen brother just came out and said that he is homosexual. He is 15, almost 16.
Are there any good teen books that would help him understand the truth on the Catholic Church’s teaching of this in an easy and loving way? Websites and advice on how to love and support him best are also much appreciated. I want him to know that he is loved and that this does not define him as a son of God- please keep him in your prayers as well as the rest of my family.
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Hello :slightly_smiling_face: I’m a 16 (turning 17 tomorrow) year old Catholic who experiences same sex attraction (I came out between 15-16). I haven’t read any good books on this topic but I heard that the book why I don’t call myself gay, is good.

I also know of a website that has resources for people who experience Same sex attraction. It is called Courage. It’s a Catholic Apostolate devoted to helping those who experience this.

I feel like I have more to say but right now I can’t. I hope those somewhat helps


David Morrison’s Beyond Gay has been out a long time. It’s a first hand account. By all accounts an excellent book.

A newer book is out now, Made For Love. It’s written by a priest.

I suggest you read them first. I’ve not read either. I don’t think they are specifically for teens.



I may suggest this book write by a young catholic woman who experience SSA, but choose not to act upon.


Daniel Mattson is a regular guest of CA radio too:
his book, memoirs and Church doctrine on homosexuality:


Father Mike’s younger brother came out as gay and that plays a lot into his talks, book and articles on this subject. Also being a Catholic Priest he DEFINITELY gives the Church’s point of view on this.




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Thank you all for the recommendations!! I am so glad to see that others are finding this thread helpful as well! ( God’s ways are amazing!!)


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There are lots of good suggestions here.
I just wanted to say, since he just came out, you may want to focus on just being there and loving him for a while instead of bombarding him with books and materials right off the bat, which could have a negative affect.

Also, you shouldn’t need a website to know how to love your brother. Presumably you loved him before he came out, and he is the same person now as he was before he came out. Sexuality doesn’t define a person.


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