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Hi all,

I’m a converted Catholic and I spent a lot of my own time immersed in books in the process.

Now my younger sister (she’s not even 20) wishes to become Catholic and she asked me if I’d give her books to read while she waits for RCIA next year. She is a smart girl but doesn’t love to read, and some of the more “heavy” books I enjoyed might just bore her. I feel like she needs something straight-forward and inspirational. There are also Father Corapi CDs, but I’d definitely like to give her a book or two that will inform her as well as being inspirational. She just lost her infant child to a sickness and needs more than just “technical” reading if you know what I mean.

Any recommendations?


Why don’t you try Scott Hahn? He’s a pretty easy read. :slight_smile:


I would recommend Catholicism for Dummies by Frs. John Trigilio and Kenneth Brighenti. It was very helpful for me when I was in the process of joining the Church and probably answers any questions she might have. It’s also not too ‘dense’ a read and she wouldn’t need to read it from start to finish, but maybe dip into it now and again.


Second on the Catholicism for Dummies book, its great.

And check out anything by Peter Kreeft; if you want to go big on the first shot, get Handbook to Christian Apologetics. Its MASSIVE, and has all the philosophy and basic theology you could ask for in 1 book.

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