BOOKS: Goodbye, Goodmen

Has anyone read the book "Goodbye, Goodmen" writen by Michael S. Rose?

I have read his other book "UGLY AS SIN' And it was great. Go ahead and read it. He exposes a lot of stuff going on and what can be done to change it. I've lived in California and Have seen some of the wreckovations going on out there on churches it is a sin! But this book talks about the priesthood and how good men don't get a chance. He has a great writing style.

Not only have I read it, I could have written it! It is uncomfortably accurate to my seminary experience back in the 1980's, as well as my more recent time in my diocese's deacon formation program.

Ugly as Sin is a good book. I highly recommend it as it explains why we have so many ugly new churches, and what might be done about it. I didn't realize he had written the other book, altho I've heard of it.

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