BOOKS: Has anyone read Georges Bernanos?

On ‘Catholic Answers’ on EWTN earlier they were discussing the author, G. Bernanos. I just caught the tail end of the conversation, and I wondered if anyone here is familiar with his works?

The book they were talking of when I came in was The Diary Of A Catholic Priest. He sounded like an author of good Catholic-oriented books.

If anyone is familiar with his works, are you also familiar with the translations, and if so, is there one better than the others?

I trotted to Amazon, where I keep a ‘wish list’ handy (easier than writing it down and losing the paper it’s written on) and entered that and also Mouchette which came up once I entered the first. Looks like he wrote a number of books that look good.

The Diary of a Country Priest is very good. I liked it and have seen only good reviews of it. It is probably his best work.

I have also read Under Satan’s Sun, which was recommended by Crisis * a few years ago. I liked it, but it is a bit strange.*

Thanks, Joe. I’m going to keep that on my list and definitely check it out when I can. (they might even have a used copy) I’ll write the other one you read down also. Strange, huh? In what way? Can you say? Or is it one of those “just strange” in the feeling it gives?

Re Under Satan’s Sun It’s a whole since I read it; so I don’tremember all the details. It’s about a priest who thinks he is a mystic. It is never quite clear whether he is or not. A bit frustrating.

Thanks for your input, Joe. From what you say, I think I’ll pass on that one.

Diary is amazing, what a book. My favorite (well, tied with Bros K). I’ve also read Mouchette, anyone else? That one… well to be honest I didn’t get a whole lot out of it, which was odd as Diary is like a font of spiritual goodness. My only real thought was that perhaps Bernanos was attempting to show how suicide need not be damning? I dunno.

Not many of his books are in print in english. About half the ones that are have a paperback price tag of over $20! Bummer. I would love to read more.

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