BOOKS: How big is your god?

A friend of mine recommended the book "How big is your god?: The freedom to experience the divine" by Fr. Paul Coutinho. In reading this book, I was very disturbed by the subtle and sometimes not so subtle new age spirituality that is presented. I am wondering if others who have read this book have had similar impressions.

They showed his video in my husband’s RCIA class. I watched the video on youtube and I agree that it has New Age themes. The phrase “How Big Is Your God?” gives the impression that God changes according to us. It’s the Eastern philosophy of forming God in our image as opposed the Christian philosophy of us forming ourselves in God’s image. Do you think I should go to my parish priest about my concerns? Thanks for posting this question, I was having a really hard time finding good info about this guy. :thumbsup:

I don’t know how big my god is because i never seen him but i know his thoughts of peace in the world is very big…

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