Books in the bible who's authorship is debatable?

So could you list the books in the bible who’s authorship is debatable or not know. The book of hebrews comes to mind. Are there any other books?

Ecclesiastes as well. The author calls himself “Qoheleth”, meaning “preacher”. Many think this is a pseudonym for King Solomon, but there is a bit of a debate.

Ecclesiastes is one mentioned a lot as well as the first 4 books of the OT. Even Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are all said to be written by students of rather than the Apostles.

I had one professor years ago say that during those times, The Gospel of Ted would not have gone over very well so a writer would place the name of an Apostle or someone close to Christ in order for people to believe it. Doesn’t mean that it is a false Gospel or Book. Mark is the first written and many believe that Mark actually wrote Gospel. Matthew, Luke came later and many biblical scholars believe they might have actually had a copy of Mark while writing their Gospels since all three have so much in common. John’s Gospel is different so that argument would not hold when viewing that Gospel.

I guess it is always up for debate on who wrote what, but we can take peace in knowing that all were inspired by God as were those that put all the manuscripts together.

There’s a lot of debate about the authorship of a lot of the books of the Bible. The NAB footnotes seem to express the opinion that a number of the books of Scripture were not really written by, or at least exclusively by, their traditional author. There are also scholars who accept a more traditional view. When dealing with questions of authorship it’s important to remember that no one really knows so don’t let secular scholars convince you that their opinion is the truth.


Ecclesiastes (traditionally Solomon; modern scholars date it to after the Exile)
Job (traditionally Moses; modern scholars date it to during or after the Exile)
Wisdom of Solomon (traditionally Solomon; St. Augustine suggested Ben Sira; now up for debate)
Esther (traditionally Mordecai)
Tobit (no one knows)
Judith (traditionally the High Priest cited in the work; modern scholars suggest a later date)
Hebrews (traditionally St. Paul; the Church has viewed Paul as the author, but accepts the possibility of a co-author)
2 Peter (traditionally St. Peter; some scholars consider that it was compiled by a disciple of his based on Peter’s works and the Epistle of Jude)

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