Books/literature for dealing with stress?


Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me by recommending any books relating to dealing with stress? Preferably ones with a Catholic or at least Christian basis but any secular ones that do not contradict the Church would be ok too.

I have a friend dealing with some issues in this regard and would appreciate some reading material on the subject. Not dealing with catostrophic stress but a lot of the little day to day things that can add up.

Anyone have a recommendation for this subject?


This book is excellent:

The Promise-God’s Plan and Purpose for When Life Hurts by Fr. Jonathan Morris


Thanks. Any others?


God Help Me! This Stress is Driving Me Crazy by Greg Popcak. Popcak is a Catholic counselor.

If the stress is “person-centered”, you could also recommend God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts, also by Popcak.


Thanks all.

My friend has confided in me for some time and is going through some tough times right now. Long story short: His lifelong dream was to get through college and own a business in his field. He has accomplished this only to find his dream is not what he envisioned. His small business is struggling which is affecting his whole outlook and is even causing him to be questioning his purpose in life. I know he has many stressful struggles right now and I was just looking for some inexpensive resources (like books) to maybe help him deal with stress? I mentioned preferring Catholic/Christian founded sources, even though he is not Catholic, because I have heard there is a lot of different stuff out there for dealing with stress not all of which is good?

Thanks again, and if anyone else has any suggestions I’d be appreciative. Please pray with me for him.


I am presently reading The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly. I think it is a good read. He is a catholic author.


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