Books/media about the seven virtues

Is anyone aware of any books/media that help in cultivating the the seven virtues?

I was hoping to find a book of, say, daily reflections aimed at being aware of and cultivating these virtues.

The Virtue Driven Life by Fr Groeschel.

Raise Happy Children, Teach Them Virtues by Mary Ann Budnik

These aren’t really in the realm of daily meditations, but I like Peter Kreeft’s book “Back to Virtue” and Fr. Barron’s DVD “Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues”.

Thank you both for your suggestions! :thumbsup:

Not sure about meditation on the 7 virtues but 61 and 62 of St.Thomas Summa (link below) can help gain knowledge of them. Then you can meditate on them. I have a book called “Introducecing Moral Theology” by William Mattison which gives a decent explantion of them as well. I have looked into the seven Virtues and how they correspond to the Beatitudes and the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Seven Petitions of the Our Father. I would want to correlate the 7 corporal/spiritual works of mercy in there as well along with the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Not an easy task.

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