BOOKS: Medjugorje and the Church

I heard of this Publishing company in the early 90s as it was the publisher for Dr. Mark Miravalle’s “Mary Mediatrix, Co-Redemptorix…”

But what surprised me was the write up for this book (excerpt follows, full write up can be read if you click on the link above):

Every authentic modern apparition of Mary, from La Salette to Lourdes to Fatima to Beauraing, has been a source of controversy and polemic while the phenomenon itself was in progress. Such is today the case with Medjugorje, which has been buffeted by waves of rumors and fabrications and malicious attacks. Lost in the din is the perspective of the universal Church. In Denis Nolan’s book you will find shocking new revelations about the Catholic Church’s true position on Medjugorje."

I read the blurb on the link you provided, but it seems to me another attempt to defend the indefensible: Where is the proof the Vatican ‘removed jurisdiction’ from the local authorities?

Wouldn’t that have been front page news around the world?

The claim that ‘pilgramages are permitted’-- well of course they are, so long as they are personal and not organized by an official arm of the Church, such as your parish, which would give the appearence of contradicting the judgement of the proper authorities.

Have good things come out of Medjugorje? Of course-- what would you expect of a place of prayer?

Does that mean the ‘visionaries’ are telling the truth? Of course not.

No prediction ever made there has come true. Despite face to face encounters with the Mother of God, not one of the ‘visionaries’ was inspired to the religious life.

I remember reading a thread on it here plus I found this article:

As for it being front page news around the world, Medjugorje isn’t THAT big of a news story.

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