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Could anybody please recommend a Catholic book on angels for a young adult who’s got a devotion to St. Michael?




Try Michael Brown’s website Spirit Daily. You’ll find a selection of books (with a brief outline of contents) on spiritual matters. There are 3 in particular about angels that I saw: St Michael and the Angels; The Trumpet of Gabriel and Angels & Devils.

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Peter Kreeft’s “Angels and Demons” is great!


I appreciate your recommendations. I checked them out at EWTN and came up with these titles:
*]The Angels, by Fr. Pascal Parente
*]My Angels Will Go Before You, by George Huber
*]World and Work of Holy Angels, by Fr. Robert Fox
*]Under Angel Wings, by Sr. Maria Antonia
*]St. Michael and the Angels
*]The Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions
*]All About the Angels, by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan[/LIST]Has anyone read any of these books or was recommended any of them?

I intend to give one as a gift to my daughter, a young adult, so that she may develop a devotion to St. Michael, who she seems to be keen to. So I’d like a book that’s not too “brainy” yet orthodox.




Augustine, have you taken a picture of her with St. Michael statue at our church?



I have not. Why do you ask?



The statue is nice. We hardly see such human-sized statue at any parish.


I recommend the little booklet TAN Books publishes on St. Michael.

Anything by them should be legit.


Well, while I was talking to you, my wife bought her “Angels and Devils”, by Cruz. It looks fine, if perhaps on the brainy side.




That’s a good one too!


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