Books on AntiChrist


Are there any good books on the AntiChrist out there?



I just finished " The AntiChrist" by Fr. Vincent Micelli.
It was a good read, and I highly recommend it.


Is it loyal to the Church’s magisterium and doctrine?


Absolutely! Fr. Micelli was very commited to the Church. He died in 1992. Look here for more info on Fr. Micelli, a loyal son of the Church.


Didn’t Culleton have one on the Antichrist too? Fr. P. Huchede has one too.


whats a “nutshell” version of the catholic church on the antichrist. I was beggining to think it didnt think there was one.

btw although I enjoyed those left behind series, and have attended a "dandy’ :rolleyes: seminar on end times with the SDA. I know of the, I guess its 3 theories on the end. What is it Pre, Mid, Post Tribulation I remember.

I decided for my sanity to go with “whenever” as Christ said no one knows. But its interesting to talk about. If one listens to different things going on you notice bits happening here and there and wonder how they will all fit together. But if left unchecked it can make you nuts so go back to Jesus advice. :slight_smile:


there isnt. we just know its not the fundamentalist evangelical dispensationalist version (such as that presented in the left behind novels or by the adventists). :thumbsup:

our church has decided that its best to focus on whats happening today. we will leave the coming of the Lord and the antichrist up to the Lord for only He will know.


So we agree “whenever” :wink:

funda … dis … that kinda rolls off the tongue eh?

btw even if you dont like em dont lump the left behind in with the SDA. Its not charitable to the left behind folks, they are simply not that nasty. They scare me, and my catholic friend figures she grew horns in the course :smiley:


Dispensationalism was not taught by any church, Catholic or Protestant, until the 19th century. The “father” of dispensationalism was J.N. Darby.

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