Books on Catholicism during the Dark ages

I’ve heard on CA how the Dark ages weren’t as dark as secular historians or atheist claim it was. I can never remember the exact example Patrick offers regarding a continuation of science and innovation not only supported by but produced by Catholic scientist, engineers and artists. I’m looking for this information in a book form.

Would include passages debunking the myths of the Dark ages (flat earth, Pope attack on science, no developments in science/technology/art etc, for five hundred years)

I’d recommend “God’s Philosophers” by James Hannam. Here’s a long and fact filled review of the book by an atheist

The idea that the dark ages weren’t actually dark isn’t just to be found on CA, it is supported by the mass of medieval historians who have debunked this myth since the 1950s. It’s only internet atheists who keep perpetuating this myth.

How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas E. Woods PhD,

is a good read.

About the myth of the Flat Earth:

Cathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel is a good book on the general subject of technology during that time period. Matter of fact, pretty much every work by the authors on that time period is a good read (at least for those who have an interest in that time period).

Agreed, so then why call it the dark ages? Why not the Middle Ages or medieval era?

Someone do me a favor and change that despicable title. The educated use Middle Ages or Medieval.

Flat Earth

Myth of the Flat Earth

The Renaissance in the 12th Century

Some online books and/or links.

I’m quite interested in this topic and as a teacher would like to put together some easy-to-read articles of the different Catholic scientific pioneers.

Thanks for the contributions.

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