Books on Catholicism

I have the following books on my list for consideration to read:

Rome Sweet Home
The Protestant’s Dilemma
Crossing the Tiber
Behold Your Mother
There We Stood, There We Stand
A Minute In Church
The Salvation Controversy
Spirit of Catholicism
Seeking Spirital Direction

Are there any other books that someone who isv researching Catholicism, and possibly looking to convert should consider reading?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church?

I neglected to include that one in my original post. My RC husband has the Catechism in paperback form. We also have it downloaded to our Kindles from the Vatican website.

Matthew Kelly’s books
Such as “Rediscover Catholicism”

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church”

Find some books of Catholic saints and read them
Eg Padre Pio (brilliant)
Eg St John Bosco (brilliant) especially his 40 dreams book
Eg St Faustina “Divine Mercy in my soul”

Read some books on Our Lady’s apparitions also such as
“Secret of the Rosary” by St Louis de Monfort
“True Devotion to Mary” by St Louis de Monfort

Even online read about the Brown Scapular, Miraculous Medal, Fatima, Lourdes, La Salette,

Read some books by modern catholic.writers who are in the healing/ deliverance ministry, or who had a special ministry from God

Eg Maria Simma by nicky eltz
“The Miracle Ship” by brian o’ hare

Books written by catholic priests and about confession, the.eucharist,

Go to

Go to decision point.

He has 70 free online videos to watch, all about catholism and.they are BRILLIANT

Go to the EWTN website, watch free catholic talks, especially Catholics Come Home series. Talks of how people converted to catholicism

Hi Graceful_Lamb :slight_smile:

I would personally start with ‘Rome Sweet Home’ by Scott Hahn. I haven’t read it but I have heard many good things about it and I’ve read other material by Scott Hahn which I believe is very good. It was also Scott Hahn’s conversion story that converted my father to Catholicism many years ago.

‘The Protestant’s Dilemma’ I haven’t heard much about it (other than it’s advertisements on this forum), I think it could go either way and as for the rest, I have never heard of them. :slight_smile:

I hope this has been helpful. :slight_smile:

God Bless


Google up the Didache my friend. Its a historical document written approx. 47 AD about the Mass and the Eucharist. Strictly from a historical standpoint this is fascinating especially with regard to the Church that Jesus founded that still continues today. God bless you on your journey. Also, read about the early Church Fathers so you can increase your knowledge of the historicity of the Catholic Church. All Christians are brothers and sisters, however the fullness of the faith He left us can be found in the Catholic Church. My parish just welcomed new candidates and catechumens into the church at Easter vigil. We had a party for them last night after 4 p.m. Vigil Mass. They each expressed their joy at being part of the body of Christ and everyone cheered for them.:slight_smile: I will pray for your on your faith journey. I encourage you to sign up for RCIA and learn even more, having a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and study the faith in detail. Signing up for RCIA is available to everyone. You are under no obligation to join the Catholic Church and will not be required to declare your intentions to join until just before Easter of 2016. You can say no if you are still not convinced that God is calling you home to the Catholic Church, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

A great book recently published by Catholic Answers is one by Fr. Leslie Rumble called, “Radio Replies”. (Condensed from a 3 volume set) and it could answer about ever question one could think of. I gave one to a couple of recent converts and I put one in our Adoration books. God Bless, Memaw

Hi! I know you asked for books, but I also wanted to recommend the Journey Home show on EWTN and it’s website, the Coming Home Network. There is one talk by Steve Ray called Peter, the Rock, the Keys, and the Chair that really helped me. I used to be Episcopal too :).

Many many books in this thread! Bought loads from recommendations here!! :thumbsup:

Any book by Dr. Brant Pitre is excellent

How did you download it to kindle? I’m curious

Depends on where you are in your journey of faith…many of the books you cite are apologetics.

Some of the others are personal conversion stories.

If you need validation for leaving your faith tradition and joining the Catholic Church, they are fine.

If you don’t feel the need to explain to others your decision, or someone to persuade you in making the move, you may be better served by catechesis…a good catholic edition of the bible, the catechism, and access to writings of the church fathers, church documents (ecumenical councils), encyclicals (especially of more recent Popes)…If you have internet access, you probably won’t need to buy any of these.

Peace and all good!

Graceful Lamb:

Thanks for asking a question like this. Thirteen years ago I wouldn’t have known the difference.

One book to me that was really helpful (seriously) is Catholicism for Dummies by Fr. John Trigilio and Fr. Ken Brighenti. It has a Nihil Obstat (seriously) and is written in plain English. I have used parts of it for a CCD class (the explanation on the Eucharist is only a few pages and is straightforward) and as a Catholic “revert”, it helped me learn more about Catholicism. I had most of my CCD in the late 70’s/mid80’s and unfortunately, the “basics” were not really taught to us.

The book is easy to find at several bookstores. Seriously, I purchased a few copies at a Half Price Books.

One I don’t recommend: The Idiots Guide to Catholicism. I found several doctrinal errors in that and even a statement saying something along the lines of “well, yes, the Church is against contraception, but most Catholics contracept anyway, so it’s not a big deal.”

Catholicism for Dummies is much, much, better.

Also, I need to go back and review Fr. Wade Menezes and see if there are any handouts on the Fathers of Mercy website. Fr. Wade Menezes recommended that there are four books that every Catholic needs to have in their living room. One was the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Again, thanks for asking. A few years ago, a local parish got a new pastor and the new pastor purposely assigned someone to go through the parish library and remove anything that was heterodox. I think more pastors need to do that.

The Catholic Mystique, a collection of women’s conversions stories compiled by Ferrara and Ireland.

I read that.the Didache was written by.the apostles themselves!

If you are interested in Catholic spirituality a great resource is;

The Fulfillment of all Desire by Ralph Martin

“Bible Basics for Catholics” by Dr. John Bergsma is a fascinating explanation of the Bible as a series of covenants. The book is relatively short and readable, and Bergsma has an engaging writing style.

In addition to the great suggestions give already I would invest in a good Catholic dictionary. During my initial journey home to the Catholic faith I came across many words & terms used in ways I didn’t recognize and the Catholic dictionary was invaluable in sorting it out.

I also have read this book. Very spiritual indeed!

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! I have put a number of them on my list.

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