Books on Creighton method--recommendations?


I am gearing up to buy a book or two, on the Creighton method. With hubby now working nights with his new job–attending an actual class is slim to none. Please feel free to recommend books that you think would be helpful to us on Creighton…I have narrowed down that this is the method of NFP we will be following. (or let me know of books/cd’s to steer clear of)

Thank you for your help!:slight_smile:


There aren’t any books on Creighton.

You can only obtain the instruction books through a Creighton practitioner by taking a class-- in person or distance-instruction.


:confused: really???


Yes, really.

This is one of the core principles of the method. The instruction and follow up components are an *integral *part of the method.

Hubby does not have to attend the class if scheduling is an issue. Also, since they are one-on-one instruction the practicioner is usually very flexible on days/times of meetings.


I have gone through the classes and no there is no book that you can go out and buy, but they do give you a book that they want you read at home. So if DH can not go to the classes with you then he can at least read the book they give you at the classes. Hope this helps.


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