Books on evidence of divinity of Bible?

I’m looking for any cognitive literature (preferably books) on evidence or proof of the divine origin of the Bible.

Something of a statistical nature would be ideal. Likelyhood of prophetic accuracy, messianic prophecy fulfillment (odds against; self-fulfilled?), evidence of inspiration. If such a works exist I’d love to read it.

Seems to me that most apologetic arguments eventually progress (or regress) back to the logical conclusion of whether the Bible is divine or human in origin. i.e. if it can be proven divine it becomes pretty difficult to argue against it’s content without putting ones views above Gods.

I’ve read countless books but I remain unaware of any good books on this topic.

Thanks much,


The Catholic position is that the faithful believe in the inspiration of scripture on the authority of the Church. Confirming it independently is almost impossible because there is no way to decide which books belong in it without the Church.

I’ve seen things about statistical analysis on the Qu’ran, but not the Bible.

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