Books on improving logic,rhetoric and philosophy

Can you guys suggest some good books that can help me develop skills on the subjects mentioned above?


Yeah got a few here. I am studying them.

A basic logic book - Being Logical by D.Q. McInerny - if you find a good textbook that is line with Catholic teaching then please let me know by all means. I have not had time to research this.

Any of D.Q. McInerny books on philosophy. 1. The Philosophy of Nature, 2. Philosophical Psychology, 3. Epistemology, 4, Metaphysics, and 5. His book on ethics.

If you look in the bibliographies in the back he will list many good works that you can also persue. These books are founded in good Catholic philosophy. These are not easy reads but I have learned much. He writes in a crisp and sometimes entertaining way.

“Philosophy is the hand-maiden of theology.”

Little One0307

Oh and these but these are harder to find, they are out of print. Criteriology and Dialectics by Monsignor Glenn. Good stuff.

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