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Any good books on Jewish spirituality and interpretation of scripture?

I’m not sure whether it’s the kind of book you’re looking for, but I can recommend *Why the Jews Rejected Jesus *by David Klinghoffer, published by Doubleday in 2005. The chapter called The New Religion is particularly interesting. Here Klinghoffer (who is a rabbi) makes the point that Christians read and understand the Old Testament through a certain philosophical lens – they bring to it the premise that Jesus is the savior, that salvation is from him. They read the OT from the perspective of the NT. They prioritize the New over the Old, while Jews who believe as Jews do just the reverse. They prioritize the OId over the New. They begin with the premise that God speaks through the Hebrew Bible. If they then go on to read the New Testament, they find that it does not arise naturally or logically from the foundation document, the Old Testament. Seen from the Jewish perspective, there is an awkward fit between the OT and the NT.

Any good books on Jewish spirituality and interpretation of scripture?

Just Google “Art Scroll”. It will take you to their web site. Art Scroll is a publishing company for Jewish converts and Jews that are starting to observe Judaism. There are several English-Hebrew books on both Jewish spirituality as well as interpretation of scripture from an Orthodox Jewish perspective. I have found their writings to be excellent. You might start with the Stone Edition of the Chumash which is a commentary on the first 5 books of the Bible.

You might visit this website - and they might have a section to order books on Jewish spirituality.

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