Books on Marriage

Does anyone have any recommendations for good books on marriage from an Eastern Orthodox/Catholic perspective other than the work by Fr. John Meyendorff (not that it isn’t good)?


I’d start with Sex Au Naturel, by Catholic Answers Live’s host, Patrick Coffin, in regards to birth control and the like.

The Catholic Answers bookstore has a few other titles, although they are less bent on general marital matters and more on specifics before or after (such as dating and annulments).

Thanks, but I’m looking primarily for books on marriage from an Eastern (Catholic or Orthodox) perspective. I’ve pretty much got the best of what the Latin West has to offer on the topic, other than a wonderful volume by Edward Sri that I’d still love to get my hands on.

Birth control isn’t an issue for my wife and I. We’ve never used it and never will (having our second child on the way is pretty good proof of that). :smiley:

Thanks for your recommendations.


I haven’t had a chance to check this out myself, but noticed it the other day when I was on the Ancient Faith Radio site:

Thanks, 5Loaves. I’ll have to check this out, along with the book that he wrote. :thumbsup:

The John Chrysostom collection of homilies from St. Vlad’s press. I think it’s called “On the Married Life.”

Yes!!! I’ve read that one before… It’s a must-have!!! I need to get my own copy of it and read it again…and again…and again!!!

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