Books on Old Testament History and Archeology??

I’m looking, without much success, to find a book which covers the history of the Old Testament history and archeology from a Catholic perspective. Most of what I’m finding is from Zondervan and Baker publishing and non-Catholic scholars/authors. I’m looking for publications by Catholic authors (nothing against the Protestant books which are indeed very scholarly). Thanks.

Archeology is one of the most fascinating aspects of biblical study that I have ever encountered.

On my last trip to the public library, there were THREE archeology magazines available to borrow!

Used to be that Biblical Archeology Review was the ONLY one generally available.

I am sure that publishers offer many related books for sale.

You might check and do a search on Amazon to see what they list and read the reviews.

Please post here what you find.

Very interesting stuff!!

Besides B.A.R., what is a good periodical to get?

Try Manners and Customs in the Bible by Victor H Matthews.

It is not about archeology per se, but explains the dress, diet, culture, history and geography of Old Testament times and has many archeological references.


I would have to go to the library and check it out again.

Have you researched it/them on Google?

A few years back there was an interesting television program … Canadian … the host … a Jewish fellow …flew to Israel and visited historical sites. In one episode, he visited Nazareth to where maybe the house where Mary had lived … and there were hand prints in a wall … and he put his hand in the finger marks in the wall … who knows …

Can’t remember the name.

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