Books on Pius XII?

Dear All,

I was wondering if you guys could recommend really good books on Pius XII from both sides. This is for a school assignment I need books proclaiming his innocence and accusing him.

Internet articles would also be helpful.

Please give me some help on this matter.

In Christ,

Not that no one here wants to help you, but as a student you should do your own research, yes? :wink:

Try a google or ask search to see what you find. I’m sure you’ll find articles and books both pro and con.

And, if you don’t mind my asking, :slight_smile: is this for a secular class? If so, were you assigned this topic or did you choose it yourself?

One. I have compiled tremendous amounts of research, ranging from articles from years back in various journals to apologetic material and sources from experts, this is just some of what I have gotten together. I have scoured the internet and the largest library in my area, I photocopied what would amount to a small novel for sources, but they are few and far between.

Two. There are heaps of books to choose from, I have a limited budget and because of where I live I must buy these books, as such I do not want to waste time and money buying books that are near useless. Therefore I have asked here. I have books down on my list, but without access to them properly, I don’t know just how good they are. So I thought of asking here before shelling out a lot of money.

Just to make it clear, I’m not asking anyone to write an article for me, but I am asking if people here have read any good books on the subject which could aid a student. So the titles of books (and articles) and what one would expect to find in it concerning the topic would be great. I wish I had an infinite amount of money to ship books here, but I don’t.

In Christ,

I would recommend “The Defamation of Pius XII” by Ralph McInerny for a solid Catholic perspective.

I would also recommend “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope” by Rabbi David G. Dalin for a good Jewish perspective.

Catholics United for the Faith also have a “Faith Fact” on the subject: Friend in Word and Deed: Pius XII and the Jews. This is a nice short summary of the major points from a solid Catholic perspective (and it’s free!).

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