Books on Purgatory?


I am interested in doing some reading about Purgatory and after I started my first Hahn book I have realized I should read more books about theology rather than apologetics. What are some books that go over this topic and explain it…possibly in a Hahn type context? thank you as always.


I don’t know any books, but Patrick Madrid wrote a lengthy article at his website: The Biblical Doctrine of Purgatory


If you want a scholarly historical study, the book The Birth of Purgatory by Le Goff should be available at any university or seminary library. Or get it directly from Univ of Chicago Press. Definitely not an apologetics book, it covers the development of the doctrine, including Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Phil P


TAN books had a book titled Purgatory by F.X. Shouppe, written in the 1890s. It has accounts of purgatory as seen by the visions of various saints. I didn’t care for it as it made purgatory to appear as some place on the outskirts of Hell.


Bump anyone anyone, come on there has to be some sort of book out there that goes throughly through this doctrine.


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