Books on the error of the Doctrine of Eternal Security


I’m looking for and very interested in any publications that directly confront the error of Eternal security. Anyone have suggestions?


As a follower if Christ, I don’t believe my Lord Jesus’ character allows for any doubt in His promise of eternal life. Look at what he went through for us? We as humans are obviously not equipped to make it to heaven on our own merit. Is that not why Christ came to die for us? The perfect sacrifice? Paul describes Christ’s act as a purchase… as does Christ on the cross when he cries out “It Is Finished!!!”. If you look at the original Greek, what Christ was saying (most likely in Aramaic) is “It is paid!!!”. This was a common phrase in the marketplace in those times. So, if “it is paid”, then what? Is God going to exchange us to get some of his Son’s Blood back? Absurd!! Our Lord’s character is FLAWLESS. He is God. This does not allow for him to break a promise… including the promise of eternal life to those who believe. Read the words of Christ Himself in the Gospel of John Chapter 3 verse 16. Did Christ Lie when he said those words? Absurd!! If anyone calls our Lord a liar… well, that is straight up blasphemy.

Hey, but what do I know? I believe that all we can do is take the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ as he said them. He is the ultimate authority. I know that what I have said may not be what is taught clearly in the Holy Catholic Church, but the more I read the scripture and pray for God’s guidance to the truth, the more I am starting to see that not everything we are taught is necessarily dead on. I mean, The Church is a man-run organization, is it not? Men change. Men are corrupt sinners. God stays the same; Yesterday, Today, Forever; Jesus is the same, sinless Creator of all things. Nothing ever occurred to God, So why would what he said over 2,000 years ago not hold true today?

I constantly ask God to reveal His truth to me through His word and through the Holy Spirit, and I didn’t come to these conclusions until I started doing that. I am not saying that I am a conduit for God’s Word. I am just saying: "why would God answer me by putting these thoughts in my heart and leading me to the scriptures that He has? I don’t believe in a God that deceives.

Am I wrong?


A whole book? Maybe Protestants who believe in eternal security really have God’s assurance that they are saved forever and they just aren’t able to comprehend those who are justified with sanctifying grace but without that assurance. Anyway, Bible verses can be interpreted various ways. I’ve look for the smoking gun on the issue of whether a justified person could possibly not have “eternal security”. I haven’t found it


I’m also very interested in resources in this area. I tried Googling “refute eternal security” and “refute once saved always saved” and while I’ve found lots of “dueling websites” I’ve yet to find a good all encompassing resource.


Here is a webpage that you might find useful.

      **[Eternal Security of 
    Once Saved Always Saved is a False Doctrine]("")**. 
         **Salvation is Completed upon our Entrance into              Heaven
        Salvation Can Be Lost
        While Here On Earth**

I suppose it is possible to question any argument (not that such questions are rational necessarily) but consider the case of St. Paul in the above web page.




The argument that is used with references to the verses in question is that they are meaningless warnings unless someone could really lose his justification. When I imagine myself as if God had told me I was going to heaven for sure, I can, however, still see the value of exhortations about avoiding sin and its deadly consequences, even if my feet were surely on sure ground.


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