Books on the History of the Sacraments and Rites

Hello Everyone!

I’m hoping that the collective genius of the forums here would be able to point me in the right direction. I’m a big history buff when it comes to the Church, and I also have a deep passion for theology. I had read a wonderful book a year or so back entitled “The Eucharistic Controversy”, that detailed the first Magesterial work around the 11th Century in solidly defining the Eucharist.

Along those lines, I was wondering if anyone would know of books that covered the historical development, even theological development, and the use of the Sacraments or the Rites over time.

Thanks everyone for your time, I really appreciate it!

I think that the best book on history of the sacraments is Joseph Martos, Doors to the Sacred: A Historical Introduction to the Sacraments in the Catholic Church. It’s well written and very readable.

The Mass of the Early Christians by Mike Aquilina

Through Their Own Eyes: Liturgy as the Byzantines Saw It and Eastern-Rite Catholicism: Its Heritage and Vocation by Archimandrite Robert F. Taft, S.J.

The Didache

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