Books on the Immaculate Conception


I didn’t really know what category to put this question in, so I’ll put it here. I have to write a paper on the Immaculate Conception for my apologetics class. Do you guys know any good books that go in depth on it? Thanks!


Tim Staples’ Behold Your Mother has a good few chapters that get a lot of detail on it. It’s not specific to the Immaculate Conception as it goes through other teachings such as her being the Mother of God, perpetual virginity, assumption, and queenship.
And given some of the discussions in that boom, Karl Keatings’ Catholicism and Fundamentalism probably has a section on it too.

There’s also an article I keep meaning to read but keep never quite getting around to

It would have some if the Eastern Catholic view.



Pope Pius IX’s 1954 Apostolic Constitution, On the Immaculate Conception (Ineffabilis Deus), might be worth a read.


‘Immaculate Conception and the Holy Spirit - The Marian Teachings of Father Kolbe’ (St Maximilian Kolbe) by Fr. H.M. Manteau-Bonamy O.P.


What about the Ineffabilis Deus, where it was officially proclaimed? I know it’s not a book, but it might be a good starting place.



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