Books on Vocations for H.S. Students



This may not technically be the correct place for this post, but I figured you folks might be able to help me.

My school is trying to implement the new USCCB guidelines for high school religion (Thanks be to God!). We have the Didache Series from Midwest Theological Forum for grades 9-11, but are having trouble finding books for grade 12 electives.

I'm suggesting Citizens of The Heavenly City by Dr. Arthur Hippler for the Social Doctrine of the Church class.

I need suggestions of books to recommend for a "Christian Lifestyles/Vocations" class and an "Ecumenical & Interreligious Issues" class.

We need good, solid, "orthodox" touchy feely stuff, no watered down stuff...nothing fluffy! I suggested using Church documents, but the grade 12 teachers want books.

Thanks for any suggestions!

God bless!


Any chance this post/question could be moved to the traditional Catholicism section?

If so, THANKS! :thumbsup:


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