BOOKS: Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Ive been reading the “Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage”, by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and I find it a really great book. It seems to portray whats happening in alot of marriages. She says Feminism is the number 1 cause of marriage problems and divorce because it robs the women of her feminine essence and thus haywires the process of the marriage between man and woman. Rather than feminism embracing womans femininity, it denys it and perverts it, while at the same time seeking to feminize men. It gets rid of humbleness, charity, meekness, and love and replaces it with obnoxiousness, aggresiveness, self centeredness, and a prideful attitude. And in turn men have less respect for women now, they treat them worse and like objects rather than like gentleman. its a great book

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a very wise Jewish woman. I have a book she wrote on the Ten Commandments and what they actually cover when studied. Fantastic job. I have also heard her frommtime to time on radio. She is a no nonsense giver of advice in that venue. :thumbsup:

Being a feminist doesn;t automatically make you selfcentered prideful or aggresive or any negative thing all on it;s own. I agree though in many ways women are treated worse…in some ways at least. But look at how women were treated throughtout history. In much of the world they were treated pretty much like property and barely had any rights. In many places it is still basically like this. So the idea that women were treated so much better prefeminism is false.

I think when the feminist movement started along with the entire civil rights movement, they had noble goals. Now I think those have been accomplished and clinging to the modern versions of these movements is a disservice to the original intent of the movement.

Women were certainly treated differently pre-feminism. They didn’t have the same rights as men, but I think women were treated with a certain level of dignity all the same. Now women have the same rights as men, but modern feminism seems to be eliminating that dignity. There wasn’t all this confusion of roles and confusion between “equal” and “equivalent.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should go back to the old ways. I think that modern feminism has seriously lost track though.

There is a lot of truth to this. The women’s movement addressed grave injustices that needed to be addressed. Still, just because the feudal system in Czarist Russia was gravely unjust did not imply that the Communists were the solution to the problem. To the extent that the feminist movement has some things in common with the thinking of Marx (and the similarities are sometimes not minor), it is a movement with a deformed view of human relations and the nature of true social justice. And, just as in the Communist Revolution, many well-meaning people threw their lot in with the feminists, only to be deeply disillusioned later about how extreme feminist agenda sometimes was.

Let us take note, though: had the Christians in Czarist Russia, including the Czar, taken the demands of Christian justice seriously, the Revolution need not have happened. That is NOT to say that the Russian royal family deserved to be murdered! It is to say that they needed to have held their power differently than they did.

PetersKeys, what is a woman’s “feminine essence”?

Strong, rugged and hard working women, who work for their families have always made solid societies. Feminism, Markism, Communist and Liberals try to deemphasize the family by ridiculing women’s work at home while exonerating womens work outside the home and the things and objects women can buy, as the higher calling. They all want to destabilize the family and destroy God’s work. I wonder if Satan has any hand in this?:rolleyes:

OF THE MARIAN YEARThis can be seen, for example, in the statements of the Church’s Magisterium present in various documents of the Second Vatican Council, which declares in its Closing Message: “The hour is coming, in fact has come, when the vocation of women is being acknowledged in its fullness, the hour in which women acquire in the world an influence, an effect and a power never hitherto achieved. That is why, at his moment when the human race is undergoing so deep a transformation, women imbued with a spirit of the Gospel can do so much to aid humanity in not falling”.22"God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" (Gen 1:27). This concise passage contains the fundamental anthropological truths: man is the highpoint of the whole order of creation in the visible world; the human race, which takes its origin from the calling into existence of man and woman, crowns the whole work of creation; both man and woman are human beings to an equal degree, both are created in God’s image. The Creator entrusts dominion over the earth to the human race, to all persons, to all men and women, who derive their dignity and vocation from the common “beginning”.10. The biblical description in the Book of Genesis outlines the truth about the consequences of man’s sin, as it is shown by the disturbance of that original relationship between man and woman which corresponds to their individual dignity as persons. Therefore when we read in the biblical description the words addressed to the woman: “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” (Gen 3:16), we discover a break and a constant threat precisely in regard to this “unity of the two” which corresponds to the dignity of the image and likeness of God in both of them. “he shall rule over you”. This “domination” indicates the disturbance and loss of the stability of that fundamental equality which the man and the woman possess in the “unity of the two”: and this is especially to the disadvantage of the woman, whereas only the equality resulting from their dignity as persons can give to their mutual relationship the character of an authentic “communio personarum”. While the violation of this equality, which is both a gift and a right deriving from God the Creator, involves an element to the disadvantage of the woman, at the same time it also diminishes the true dignity of the man. The overcoming of this evil inheritance is, generation after generation, the task of every human being, whether woman or man. For whenever man is responsible for offending a woman’s personal dignity and vocation, he acts contrary to his own personal dignity and his own vocation.

What JPII espouses as quoted above is what feminism is.
Dr. Laura strikes me as a cold, judgmental and insensitive performer. Her book on husbands made me literally feel ill. I prefer to ignore what she has to say.

Didnt she convert to christianity? I love her direct teaching. Ive read so many reviews on how her book has helped alot of people on The more I understand her book the more I realize that feminism is the number 1 ruiner of marriages in the modern day. There was so much less divorce in the early 1900s and men respected women alot more than they do today.

uh no. JPII was talking about the dignity of women, not feminism. Feminism in itself robs women of their dignity because it denies her God given attributes. Dr. Laura at least has a much more biblical view on marriage. The things that feminism supports like abortion and gay marriage is proof enough that its a devilish organization, any honest Catholic would avoid them.

Are you saying the qualities of masculinity are obnoxiousness, aggressiveness, self centeredness and a prideful attitude, while the 'true" feminine qualities are for humbleness, charity, meekness, and love?

He certainly didn’t mean it that way. Obnoxiousness, aggressiveness, self centeredness and a prideful attitude are what you get when feminists try to imitate men. This removes humbleness, charity, meekness, and love from these women.

One must be careful to note that there have been at least two separate movements in “feminism”.

The first, what I call “classical feminism” began in the early 19th century and resulted in women getting the right to vote in most countries by the mid 20th century. In hindsight, this was a positive achievement that halp change laws to give equal dignity for women and men.

The second movement in feminism is what I call “modern feminism”. Modern feminism does not claim that women and men have equal dignity, but that women and men are the same, the only difference is “plumbing”. Such attitudes are inherently misandrist. The differences between men and women are deep, well beyond reproductive organs. Men and women thing differently interact with others of the same gender differently, look upon the other gender differently, think differently and so on. These differences do not result in one gender being superior to the other, but rather they result in one gender being, in general, superior in a given task than the other while being inferior in another task.

Modern feminism rejects this. Instead, it claims that the stereo-typical male behavior such as aggressiveness, directness, strength, leadership, etc. are both bad in men and good in women. It teaches that masculinity is inherently a bad thing. It also teaches that femininity is only good if done in a masculine way. In short, it seeks to turn men into women and women into men.

It is from this that we get a number of twisted ideas, like masculine/feminine behavior is somehow learned or imposed by society rather than being in-born. Modern feminism clearly promotes homosexuality. It creates an attitude of selfishness because it denigrates men; a selfishness so profound that women reject children and demand the right kill children if they get pregnant.

This exaggerated sense of self contributes to an attitude of consumerism which can lead women dump the kids into the hands of strangers for 9 or 10 hours a day just so they can dive a nicer car or live in a fancier house, not out of need, but out of avarice. It leads to smaller families and contributes to the contraceptive mentality. Modern feminism teaches women to abdicate their role as a mother.

Classical feminism helped society in general recognize the dignity of all people.

Modern feminism is a poison that is quickly but quietly killing society.

I think our society loves labels. Women and men were created by God to serve different roles…but men and women are equal in personhood, and dignity. I work in the corporate world, and a man doing the same job should not be getting paid more than me, simply because of gender–and having the right to vote is obviously a positive for women.

But, ‘ultra’ feminism, (new word!:stuck_out_tongue: ) is when women of today want to blur the beautiful differences between men and women–and we are all ‘the same,’ from a standpoint of how we were created by God. We are not the same…we are different, but we are equal in personhood.

It tickles me no end when a woman who is a professional and writes books and makes tons of money attempts to tell me to stay at home and be a good little girl. It’s almost as much fun as listening to men tell me the same thing. I am a feminist and very proud of the long history of the women’s movement in raising the status of women near to where it belongs, right next to that of men. I have no desire to be a man, I am most happily married to a very wonderful man who respects me as a liberated woman. He champions my successes whatever they are. We share the duties of home and hearth as needed, depending on who likes or dislikes any particular task.

Sorry, but I refuse to walk 2 steps behind guys and be your little quiet bahaving girlie. Too funny. Another of these threads is always fun. The only sad thing is when women finally appear and start talking about how they know they are not equal to men and thnk God wants it that way.

Good post. Feminism is not the issue. All people are different. It’s just a convenient excuse to blame it on feminism. So I guess we shouldn’t vote, or be able to own property, or any of that stuff either according to some I guess. I can’t blame men for wanting servants instead of wives, but I’m shocked at the nerve of saying so publically.

Give particulars where women have gone wrong in the movement? How does the movement for equality eliminate dignity? What is equivalency? Who proposes equivalency?

Explain in what ways the women’s movment is either marxist or communist? What is the nature of “true social justice” that the movement doesn’t understand? In what way were people disallusioned by the movement?

First of all, no one in the women’s movement today decries the value of worth of women in the home. They are in favor of either parent taking this role depending on what works best for each individual family. Secondly, what needs to be exonerated about women working outside the home? Is this wrong in your view? What objects are women told to or not to buy? This is a new one for me. What is a thing versus an object? I’m totally confused about this reference. Explain why any of this is destabilizing to the family?

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