BOOKS: "Rule Of Benedict" by David Gibson

Hello! I am new here. I admit I’m not a Catholic or theological scholar. I am reading “The Rule Of Benedict” by David Gibson. About halfway through the book and it seems like a “hatchet job” on the relatively new pope, Benedict 16th.

I was a lapsed Catholic until Benedict came to the U.S. recently and rekindled my faith. I read his “Introduction To Chrisianity” and a couple encyclicals and am now regularly attending mass. From what little I know about him I like.

So, has anyone else checked out this Gibson book? If so, what are your thoughts on it?


I have not read this book, but Catholic authors, like all humans, have their opinions. He may (or may not) be doing a wonderful job of explaining and expounding upon the Rule of St. Benedict. He may also have grievances against the current pope.

Personally, as a recent “revert” to the faith (2 years ago), I really love Pope Benedict and am delighted to call him our Holy Father. I wouldn’t worry about what one author says about him. You could ask for and receive a thousand references of published authors who love and admire Pope Benedict, or a thousand who hate him and use their literary power to spread that hate (or distrust, or disobedience, or mockery, etc.).

If you want to learn more about the Rule of St. Benedict, there are many books out there, and written by those who know how to stay on topic and don’t stray into their own political agenda (if, in fact, that is what Mr. Gibson is doing). Again, post a request in the vocations forum and you’ll probably get quite of few suggestions.

Sorry, I can’t be more specific about this book. Keep reaching out to God and keep striving to learn about your Church and your faith. God bless you.


Clearly the book isn’t about the Rule of SAINT Benedict - our current Holy Father wouldn’t get a mention in such a book, he has nothing to do with the Rule of SAINT Benedict. Clearly the book is actually about Benedict XVI himself.

Personally, given that he’s only been in office for 3 years (which is nothing in Church time) I wouldn’t say anyone would be able to make a definitive pronouncement on how good or bad a Pope he is.


Hello! I suppose that is what I am: a revert. I left the church for many years. I half-heartedly tried a few protestant congregations but found them wanting.

The author David Gibson is a fine Catholic writer but he has an axe to grind with our pope. Personally, I like Benedict 16th and think he is an excellent author and theologian.

Thanks for the reply.


Thanks, Lily. Clearly, I didn’t look up the book on Amazon before I posted. Clearly, the book is about our current pope. And clearly, you’ve never read a book about an ancient topic (e.g. a saint from the sixth century) in which that topic was then related to anything and everything the author felt like ranting about. Clearly, I made it clear I hadn’t read the book.

Hope you have a clear and blessed day.:thumbsup:


There will always be those with an axe to grind with a pontiff who doesn’t further their own political agenda. Choose your authors with care. Again, I would recommend asking here on these forums for recommendations of books on any topic you’re interested in.

God bless you.

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