BOOKS: Sceptic’s Guide To Atheism by Peter S. Williams

Luke Pollard finds nothing new about the New Atheists.

Whether it’s positive or negative, it’s there, being proclaimed from the roof-tops: a new philosophy for a new age. A new atheism.

You may have heard of the New Atheists, and now a brilliant sceptic writes his account of this ‘phenomenon’. He’s a heretic – but not for denouncing God; instead, for concluding that He exists.

Peter S. Williams’ new book A Sceptic’s Guide to Atheism seeks to challenge the popular conception that the New Atheist movement has a monopoly on the rational. He examines modern popularist anti-theistic writings, specifically focusing on the New Atheists, and concludes, altogether rebelliously, that “I am not impressed.”

According to Williams, the New Atheist movement is nothing new, drawing much of its philosophy from Hume and others living hundreds of years ago. …

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A Sceptic’s Guide To Atheism by Peter S. Williams, Paternoster, 2009, £12.99, ISBN: 9781842276174


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