BOOKS: Smoke Thief series (a warning)

I’m mentioning this in case any other parents are unaware of this series, as I was: Shana Abe’s dra’kon series, including The Smoke Thief, the Dream Thief, others.
It seems to be very popular among young teen girls, at least several I know.
I ran across it in the library and got it since I enjoy fantasy.
I thought the first half was well written, then I got to the “love” scenes.
Totally inappropriate for my 13 year old. I wouldn’t advise anyone under 17 reading this, since it was full of graphic descriptions of intercourse, with dashes of masochism and sadism. Also falls into the Twilight category - do we really want our girls to admire men who are controlling, bullying, and jealous?
It’s a shame as the author is talented. But I will not waste my time reading any more of them.

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