BOOKS: Space Vulture, Archbishop John J. Myers

The Archbishop of Newark, NJ has co-written a sci-fi novel with the creator of Roger Rabbit.

Cool, huh?

I checked my library and while they nor anyone in our little collaboration have it, they went out and found it for me!

So I started it two nights ago.

It looks like it’s tons of fun, but it just ain’t right to buy this kind of book hardback. Waiting till it comes out in jaggedy-cut yellow pulp with a Frazetta cover and off-kilter typesetting.

Newark, Sep 22, 2008 / 08:27 pm (CNA).- A new science-fiction novel co-authored by Archbishop of Newark John J. Myers and “Roger Rabbit” creator Gary K. Wolf has sold “decently” in the first six months since its publication. The “fast-paced intergalactic tale” is about a space marshal and a con man who team up with a widow and her two children to fight a cosmic villain named Space Vulture.

Full article…

I’m glad to hear that!

I really enjoyed reading it!

So is anyone out there from Newark?

Is Archbishop Meyers pretty solid?

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