BOOKS: "Spyderwick Chronicles"?

Has anyone read these books? There’s going to be a movie released in February that’s based upon the series and I just wanted to know if there’s any controversy around the books. I know they are children’s fantasy books. The trailer looked amazing, but I said the same thing when I first saw the trailer for “Golden Compass” and then I found out that movie was based on anti-Catholic books written by an atheist who hated the Chronicles of Narnia.

Its being released by Nickelodeon movies, so there’s little concern there…but they did adapt series of unfortunate events badly…

So, my question is: has anyone read these books and what do you think of them?


My son got the set as a gift a few years ago and although I wasn’t thrilled with it, I did still let him read them - but I don’t remember what it was I had against them! Obviously it wasn’t too horrible. I think I just wanted him to be reading something better. It definitely is not as offensive as The Golden Compass.

it looks good, but I need to read them. Sounds like a one-shot movie though even though it’s a series of books.

I read them a while back (the first five) … I don’t think there is anything controversial about them. One of the boys is ‘troubled’. He gets in fights and stuff, I think because he was upset about his father, who is divorced (if I remember correctly). I can’t remember anything else, maybe disrespect to authority? It seems to be typical children’s fantasy fare. It’s not like the vile Golden Compass, but also it doesn’t have the depth and beauty of Narnia.

The books are quite short, you might like to read them yourself. I myself enjoy that sort of book even though they are targeted at kids.

The movie hits theaters this week so I thought I’d bump this.

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