BOOKS: The Apostle: A Life of Paul - by John Pollock

Hi all,
I found this in a book sale that they were having here at work for a mere 50 cents. Anyone ever heard of it or read it. This Jame Pollock was Billy Graham’s biographer and I guess Apostle Paul thought he did a good job so he asked him to write his also. :smiley:
Seriously is there anything objectionable about this book…It looks interesting enough but I can’t tell if it is billed as fiction or non…although one would have to assume it’s fiction…
Anyways any thoughts concerns?
Thanks Eric

Dear Eric,

John Pollock is a member of the Church of England (Anglican) and would lean towards the conservative Evangelical school of thought, but not Fundamentalism. His theological position would not be dissimilar to that of Mr. J.I. Packer and Mr. John Stott, both of whom are distinguished Anglican Evangelical clergymen.

The book to which you refer would, I suspect, be a quite orthodox presentation of St. Paul’s life and work. There is probably nothing within its pages that would make an orthodox Catholic raise their eyebrows or recoil in horror. Just bear in mind that he is an Evangelical and would therefore have a particular emphasis on the proclamation of the Gospel and its effects within the context of Greaco-Roman world of the first century.

Mr. Pollock is the acclaimed author of many highly praised biographies including Kitchener, Shaftesbury, John Wesley and the celebrated American 19th. Cent. evangelist D.L. Moody. He lives quite close to me here in North Devon, United Kingdom, but I have not had the pleasure of making his acquaintance.

Please let me know your thoughts on the book when you have finished it.

Warmest good wishes,


Talk about resurrecting an old post!! LOL. Anyway I finally blew the dust off this book and started reading it…well for anyone else who runs across it and is looking for an orthodox read this isn’t it. I knew of course it wouldn’t be but to keep this post short and sweet, about midway through Pollock brought up the public rebuke of Peter by Paul. He then went on to explain that faith alone was all that was needed to be saved etc etc. It felt like the old Catholic apostle vs. the Protestant apostle theory. Anyway with all the great Catholic reads out there this one isn’t in my opinion worth wasting your time on.

Good to know. I came across this book myself and was wondering about it. Thanks.

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