Books the Catholic Church "took" out of the Bible


I’ve never heard this one before, so any help would be great. Someone told me that the Church “took” the Book of Jasher and the Book of Enoch out of the Bible. Now, I’ve heard of the Book of Enoch and know that St. Jude makes a reference to it in his letter, however I have never heard of the book of Jasher. Has anyone else?

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The Book of Jasher is an anglicized name for the Sefer haYashar, or “Book of the Just.” While the Bible makes references to passages from the book or even the book itself, it is truly a lost work for there are no true copies available. (There was a false version of it, written in the 18th century, that should be avoided.)

As such, since there is no authentic copy available of the Book of Jasher, it couldn’t have been considered for the biblical canon, much less be “left out” or “taken out.”

As for the Book of Enoch, this book existed and was recognized as an interesting work by some of the early Church Fathers. It was never part of the biblical canon, however. By the ninth century, the book faded from interest.

You can find several past Catholic Answers forum threads that talk about these books.

The Book of Jasher is mentioned in Joshua, and another OT book (I forget offhand). The Hebrew Bible doesn’t contain it, so it’s impossible that the Church took it out.


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I thank both of you for your responses. They are very helpful.

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It should be noted there are other such books lost to history, I beleive in Exodus Moses referes to the book of the Wars of God, which is no longer existant.

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Thank you crazzeto. I found that the Book of the Wars of the Lord is made reference to in Numbers 21:14.

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The NAG Hammadi Scriptures has a lot of books as well, although many are thought to be heretical.

Gospel of St. Peter
Gospel of Mary
Gospel of Thomas
Gospel of Judas

I read with a very critical eye. Since the magisterium does not sanction them I few them as stories in time.

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Whoops… Yep, thanks! I took on the mission of reading the entire Pentateuch several months ago, and I’m now on the final five chapters of Deuteronomy… I some times mix up where things are :frowning:

Actually, I beleive all of these are condemed by the Magisterium. The only one I’m not sure about it the Gosple of Peter, the others I’m fairly confident are outright condemed.

**First of all, let’s get our terminology straight!

It is impossible for the Catholic Church to take books out of the Bible since the Catholic Church determined which books would be in the Bible.

Just another bunch of bunk designed to confuse…**

The only people who took books out of the Bible are the “Bible Alone” protestants? (Hard to believe a group that swears on the Bible alone when their Bibles are incomplete!!)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I agree with Mark. It is more a matter of what books were decided on to put in and which books were not to be included.

Terms still aren’t correct, it was a matter of determining which books were truely written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This could only be done with the guidence of the same Spirit, which was present at the 3 (maybe 4, I think Florance also addressed this) local and 1 eccumenical council which decided the matter.

May I suggest the three-part video, “Origin of the Bible” at the following link?

It’s really well done, in my opinion. It puts things in proper perspective.

The terms were correct. I never stated who was present and the process of selection or devine intervention was never even hinted at in my comment. The results of what was included and what was excluded was the Bible. How, who, why was not inlcuded, nor was the weather or time of day.

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