BOOKS: "The King's Confidante". Historical Novel with a message

I love to read historical novels by Jean Plaidy aka Victoria Holt. I just finished one I’d like to recommend, it’s “The King’s Confidante.” It’s ostensibly about St Thomas More’s beloved daughter Margaret, but it’s a wonderful story about his life. I was very moved, especially about the description of his martyrdom, and cannot help but think St Thomas More is a Saint especially for our times.

Please try this book and let me know what you think! I downloaded it to a Sony eReader, and you can find it in the fiction section of your local bookstore. I call this fiction based on fact.

As Jean Plaidy she also wrote a book about St Thomas called ‘St Thomas’ Eve’.

I’ve read just about everything she’s written as Jean Plaidy, and a few of the Victoria Holts (she writes under another name as well).

Thanks, Lily! I’ve ordered “St Thomas’ Eve” on Amazon! Great source for used books. I loved the spirituality of The King’s Confidante and will probably re-read it, which I usually don’t do because I have a ton of books to read.

Thanks for the heads up on the book.

btw—The Amazon reader reviews say that St Thomas Eve and The King’s Confidante are the same book.

Same book? Eeek! I’m so sorry Elaine, had no idea.

Jean Plaidy has been known to double up on some of her subject matter - for example she wrote a non-fiction book on Mary Queen of Scots as well as her fiction series on Mary.

Yes, she did that with some about Eleanor of Aquitaine. But no problem, if it is the same, I’ll pass it on to someone else because it was very inexpensive. I can’t say it enough, due to the current political climate, St Thomas More is a Saint for our times!

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