BOOKS: The Seven Last Years by Carol Balizet

Has anyone read the Seven Last Years by Carol Balizet? I read it a long time ago but I’m now re-reading it again and have to say its excellent. Any opinions on this book?

Are her books fiction? Tell us about C.Balizet.

Her books are fiction for the most part. (well at least this one is…its the only one of her that I’ve read) Shes taken the signs of revelations and put them into a book with characters surviving the end times. Now that I’ve described it, it sounds a bit like Left Behind but i’ve found this book to be way better.
It was written back in the 70’s and mostly centers around a family stuck right in the middle of end times. Theres chaos and crime everywhere and they endure everything from locusts to persecution…not to mention the reign of the antichrist.
Unfortunatly the book is no longer in print but there always copies being sold at amazon:

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