BOOKS: The Three Deceivers - Control, Ownership, and Independence


From: Beck, Glenn Beck…

"Could it be that the roots of our problems lie not in our institutions or our society but in our individual lives and in our personal measurements of “success?’

Could it be that we are, almost all of us, pursuing the wrong goals?

Could it be that we have developed obsessions with three subtly insidious deceivers—three things that we respect and revere almost to the point of worship—things which we think are worthy pursuits and the ingredients of happiness—but which are actually false and hollow goals that rope us off from the true meaning of our lives?"

Read the whole set of (3) articles at the link above.

As one new to the Church (less than 1 year since “swimmin’ that Tiber”), and new to some REALLY hard personal (and family) economic realities, this is quite interesting.

What are your thoughts? :slight_smile:


No thank you.

I believe that anything can be overdone, that any virtue can be carried to such an extreme that is supplants God’s place at the center of our lives. This includes the three ‘deceivers’ mentioned above.

On a spiritual level, we have to be aware that there’s a limit to our control, our independence, and that ownership of material objects is fleeting at best.

But what are the opposites of these alleged evils, to which [presumably] we ought to aspire? Powerlessness, Poverty and Slavery? Those are not human or humane aspirations.

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