BOOKS: "The Thrill of the Chaste"

Has anyone read this book? I was thinking of buying it, but wanted to get some feedback first.

Also, if it’s good I would like to give it as a gift to some of my friends who live the “Sex & the City” kind of lifestyle:o.

I find we don’t see life, sex and relationships the same way anymore:(, I would like to help them find real love and intimacy:ehh:, not to mention find it for myself someday:blush:.

Btw…I already have all the Christopher West books:thumbsup: :D.

I read the book. It’s pretty good, considering it’s written from the standpoint of someone who’s already tried the “Sex in the City” lifestyle.

Check her website here:
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Bump:p :D.

My sister is working at a residential home for pregnant moms and this book was recommended to her by a friend who does talks on chastity. I don’t know what she thinks about the book, but I know that my sister really respects our friend and any input she would make. I’m guessing that would mean that book is definitely worth the read.

Apparently she’s been on Catholic Answers Live radio.

Cool, thanks:thumbsup: :thumbsup:!!!

I read the book and loved it. But I’m a 40 year-old, single mom, who “went around the block a few times” while I was away from the Church. This book is geared toward older singles, and is really well written. She gives examples of her own mistakes, and makes logical and humorous connections between her choices and her being a 30-something single woman who couldn’t seem to find the right man. She alternately quotes the bible and “Sex and the City.” That in itself is pretty funny to me.

She’s very down to earth, and she not only defends chastity, she presents it as the gift from God that it is. Love the book. Highly recommend it.


Let me third that recommendation. I’m not married and haven’t lived the “Sex & the City” lifestyle, and so picked the book up out of curiosity more than anything.

It’s clear and straightforward and funny. The author doesn’t so much attack those who live a promiscuous lifestyle as try to demonstrate that a chaste life is good and good for you, which (I think) might make the book more accessible to those caught up in an unchaste lifestyle. And, for such a new convert, Eden’s depth of understanding of Scripture is astounding. I was very very impressed with this book. Highly recommend and think it might be just the thing to give to your friends.

Thanks everyone for the information on the book, I went ahead and purchased it. I’m going to read it…most likely very slowly with a 2yo running around:p. It really sounds like a good book to give my friends…does she talk about self-gratification and being chaste in that regard in the book?

I have a couple of friends who aren’t sleeping around, but they find nothing wrong with doing it themselves:o. I would like to give them the book also, but want to make sure that they can relate…I don’t want them to think that being chaste is only about sleeping with the opposite sex…know what I mean?

I agree, and Eden herself has made the point that the book is geared more toward 20+ women, not for teens.

My girlfriend and I have had disagreements over this issue. I recently decided I wanted to begin living chastely and she is hurt by this. Would this book be good for her to help her understand the issue and hopefully get her to want to be chaste until her and I get married (were not quite engaged but very close). She is 19.

Yes, she does.

Yeah, I do know what you mean & that’s just what impressed me so much about the book.

She presents chastity as an attitude to life that affects how you relate to yourself and the others (not just the opposite sex) and as virtue to be practiced (but without using religiously-charged language) as opposed to just a list of arbitrary, overly religious, fun-sucking, prohibitions. And she does it in a way that’s much more accessable to non-religious people than the summary I just gave.

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