BOOKS: The Vatican's Exorcists - Tracy Wilkinson

Sorry if posting in wrong Forum, trying to get on the Book Club site. But need to be accepted before I can post.

Has anyone read or reading this book? Seems pretty fair and unbiased so far, I am on page 51. Talks a lot about exorcism, history, and priests like Father Amorth’s work as an Exorcist.

Would appreciate any feedback, good or bad, regarding this book…

I haven’t read this one but our priest has said that the book “Interview with an Exorcist” was wonderful. He did several homilies one week that discussed exorcism, demons, etc and talked about that book during one of them.

Catholics should beware. This is not the informative neutral book it claims to be. The pages are full of barely concealed contempt for Holy Mother Church and her “Arcane” and “mid-evil” rituals. It was a big disappointed. The one thing it has going for it is that is it is a short book that only takes a couple hours to read. Certainly not worth the money they are charging for it. The author is not even much of a wordsmith often repeating herself and attributing quotes to people after already assigning them to someone else. Altogether bad form.

Thanks Kevstar. I have to admit, I haven’t really seen any real anti church type stuff so far, but will probably finish it soon. It is short book.

Ps. Got from library, so no waste of money anyway…

I read it a while ago. Some parts bothered me such as when the author started to digress and speak about Galileo, a completely different subject and one she did not seem well informed about. It would have been more interesting if she would have just written about the facts and been more objective.


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