BOOKS: "The Way" By St Josemaria Escriva

Hello everyone.

I have the book “The Way” - By St Joesemaria Escriva on order and it should be arriving tommorow. I was just wondering if anybody on here has read this and if they would recommend it?

May the peace of the Lord be with you all.:slight_smile:

I have it and it’s still on my nightstand.

My only reservation is that it represents a type of spirituality that won’t apply to all, but that is fine, there is some type of spirituality for everyone.


I have it…

I like it and find it inspirational …I wish I could be as good…:blush:

I have a copy . . . most of the time. I frequently give my copy away and get myself another one. I also have his other books, The Forge and ?? can not remember the name. I thoroughly enjoy them and find them a quote daily; they are all concise and to the point.

I’ve benefited from reading the maxims, and leafing through it.

While it’s nice that I have it in paperback, you can find it online too.

If it’s by a saint, I recommend it. To everyone. Buy it, find it, read it. :smiley:

‘Suffering overwhelms you because you take it like a coward. Meet it bravely, with a Christian spirit, and you will esteem it like a treasure.’

St. Josemaria Escriva

230 : You are suffering! Listen: “His” heart is no smaller than ours. Your are suffering? That’s for the best.

Wow… that is powerful and so true… I used to be overwhelmed by my suffering till I realized I was being a coward about it… when I faced it with Christ things got much much better…

Where can you find it online? Do you have a link?

Here you are:

When you buy the books, normally they’re very small, – small pocket sized, easy to carry around and open up anywhere. :slight_smile:

I highly recommend such.

Also if you like quotes from saints do try the site in the link below. :gopray:

‘Jesus, keep me under the standard of your cross. May the crucifix not be just something I wear, something I look at, but let it be alive in my heart. Let me be transformed into a living crucifixion, in union with you through the Eucharist. By meditating on your life and the most intimate feelings of your heart, let me draw souls to you from high on this cross where your love holds me forever.’

St. Bernadette Soubirous

Thank you so much!! I’ve already begun reading what he has to say and I like it much. It is such the kind of counsel that I need to hear… he’s good at the tough love!!

It is an absolutely wonderful book…wealth of knowledge. I believe it is a must have for any Catholic.

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