BOOKS: "Woman Redeemed" by Christine Blake

I am starting this thread to ask the author of this book to give us some insights on her book…

So Christine, tell me… I went to your website and read a little bit, but what do you as the author want us to know about your book?

Blest One,
Thank you so much for the opportunity! Woman Redeemed is the culmination of 5 years of research on Mary Magdalene and the culture of women in the first century C.E. It is a book that celebrates the community of women who shared life’s struggles, hopes, loves, support, and faith. It is about the women who followed Jesus as well as the multi-cultural world that Jesus was born into.

In Woman Redeemed, we follow Mary Magdalene as she tries to find fulfillment in the worldly “treasures” of wealth, wine, men, and luxury…as Jesus continually calls her to Him, she finally hears, comes to confess her sins, joins His group, and is redeemed.
It is not another argument for whom Mary Magdalene is…rather, Mary Magdalene is an “everywoman” who once again stands as a pillar of hope and redemption.

Who am I to have written this? I have been a Catholic all of my life studying the Bible and its history at the University of San Diego. While I taught literature for 12 years at both Catholic and public schools, I continued my study, receiving a Certificate of Youth Ministry from the Archdiocese of Denver and serving as a youth minister at my local parish. Presently, I attend classes through the Biblical School and the Lanteri Spirituality Center when I am able, as well as serve as Lector.

In preparation for this novel, I researched and remain historically accurate to both Roman and Jewish records as far as places, events, practices, policies, traditions, etc.; I also drew from texts that are embraced by the Jewish and Catholic faiths but rejected by the Protestants, and those texts embraced by the Protestants and rejected by us, Catholics; I referenced legends stemming from Pagan tradition and even those recently discovered texts that no one knows what to do with yet. Further, my dear friend and spiritual guide, Monsignor Schroeder, Vicar of Clergy, now retired, edited the novel and helped with much of the geography of the area.

I hope that was not too much, however, if you’d still like more - visit I have spoken at Barnes and Noble, an Episcopal Church, book clubs, have radio interviews, etc. and am waiting to hear from Catholic groups such as ENDOW, Women of Grace, etc…
Thank you again and if there are any questions…I am open to answering anything:) Christine Blake
ps- It’s available on,,, and others that are listed on my website…

wow!!! That was an incredible intro to your book… I am impressed! Thanks for that… I mean it… I would love to read something that has been well researched and thought out. I think most of us are so wary of anything about Mary Magdalene after the daVincci code doo doo.

What surprised you most in your research?

Did you find that the more things change, the more they stay the same in some respects? When I read your webpage, I got the impression that M.M. was someone that all of us could relate to as women and as sinners…was that your intent?

Thank you, and to be honest, I felt someone had to reclaim her after what Brown did to her…although his is fiction too, the only damage was how people took his novel as fact.

What surprised me most in my research was how much we don’t know and when I asked my editor what the offical church stance was on a few issues he smiled and said “offically, we don’t know” - I LOVE that about the Catholic Church - we embrace the mysteries and don’t have to have an answer for everything…

I do hope my book is one everyone can relate to - I tried to learn about the cultures and to be honoring to them; and I know that in telling about Jesus we can do nothing but inspire- one of my proudest moments thus far is a review of the book on by a “nonreligous person” who said the book made them be more open to things they had not been open to before - it’s a seed and who knows what the Holy Spirit will do with that!

Thanks Christine, I must admit, I am intrigued… while I love to read, I am seldom motivated to feel like anything is a “must read” but I am finding myself in this position… good thing I have an amazon account!!! Thank you for appealing to the readers sense of authenticity.

Hahaha! Just think, you are an instrument of the Holy Spirit… really, an amazon reviewer… that’s good!

Just got my first professional review - it was great! Anyway, here’s where you can see it…
under reviews…

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