I was looking at buying some books that could educate me on the Catholic Faith (answers to why we do certain things, explanations etc). I’m looking for some good ones and I’m sure that there are people on here who can reccommed some. I found these two and am curious if anyone knows anything about them or can reccommend something better. I appreciate any help.
Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Why do Catholics do that? By Kevin Orlin Johnson, PhD.
  2. Catholicism for Dummies

I found those on the Barnes and Noble website…I’m currently looking for a Catholic bookstore where I live and they are VERY hard to come by. Also, I plan on talking with a priest to answer specific questions in the near future.

Thank you.


Catholocism For Dummies is an excellent book. Easy to read and full of orthodox doctrine and not too heavy on the apologetics.

I have never read Why Do Catholics Do That, but I have heard that it is a good book also.

With Catholic books, there are two things to look for on the inside page. One is the “Nihil Obstat” and the other is the “Impremateur”. These two statements are issued by a bishop, basically stating that there is nothing in the book that is contrary to the Catholic faith. They are not absolute certainties, but if you see a nihil obstat and impramateur, you can be fairly certain that the book is a solid reference.


I would recommend getting a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

If you have questions about certain practices (eg. holy water), certain people, doctrines, etc.a good place to start is at and click on the Catholic Encyclopedia. Just do a search on what you are interested in.

A good bookstore that I know of in St. Paul, MN, is called Leaflet Missal. Their website is
They put out a catalog and I’m sure they’d be happy to put you on their mailing list.



Oh man, did you ask the right question!

The Catholic Home Study Service has FREE courses on the faith that are open to anyone and are VERY good.


Another one you may want to consider is Why do Catholics Genuflect by Al Kresta.


Here are my recomended books for you.

Catholic and Christian- Alan Schreck Get this Book!! it explains just about everything that is Catholic related , simply and clearly written.

What Catholics really beleive- karl keating

Answer me this- Patrick Madrid explains anti catholic questions, but you will learn a lot from this.


Thank you for your replies :). Within the next few days I will be purchasing some!


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