I just finished reading Boomsday by Christopher Buckley (son of William F. Buckley) and it is wickedly funny.

Be warned, it gets an R for language and a couple non-explicit “adult situations”. It’s set a couple years from now, foreign banks are declining to buy any more of our debt, stagflation looms, the military is stretched so thin that puny countries are declaring war on the US just for fun. And the Baby Boomers are retiring (hence boomsday). Angry twenty-somethings are attacking gated retirement communities.

An under-thirty blogger (Cassandra Devine) steps in with a “modest proposal” – encourage seniors to kill themselves by offering tax breaks and cash bonuses. If enough 70 or even 75 year-olds took the offer (which she calls Voluntary Transitioning) Social Security would be solvent again. The book takes off from there.
Just to be clear, she never intends for the program to be put into practice, it is just her way of galvanizing the public.

Nobody does satire like Buckley (he also wrote Thank You for Smoking) & I’d recommend Boomsday.

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