Boppysbud! :)


I’m sorry for being so cranky with your posts in my AmbassadorMan Friendship Table! I allowed a few things happening around me to affect my posting with you and others

  • I apologize! I’ll do my best to not allow external circumtances to often “dictate” my interpersonal relationships :slight_smile:

Please allow me to start over with you - let me re-introduce myself to you and to all others:

Let's start over and become new-found friends!

I'm AmbassadorMan, stollerusa, Roland:
I'm one of three moderators in Gary Hoge's Catholic Outlook.
I'm also a fellow poster in Gary Hoge's Catholic Outook.
I'm a fellow poster in Steve Ray's Defenders of the Catholic Faith.

I’m a moderator in (not the creator of) Dr. Theos Bible Study Corner, and fellow poster over in OrthodoxBerean’s Christian Ideas Discussion Board.

here are the major URLs respectively:

I also post sometimes over in NTRMin and other places.

Ask friend and foe and neutral alike in Hoge's and Ray's boards,
about my intentions and agendas :)

Do some inquiring...then please come back and let's chat as new-founds friends!!

Actually, the inquiring and reporting back request is extended to each and every new-found friend reading this thread!

God bless you, boppysbud, and all others for being one of God's children and Called ones :)


Roland, see the thread cestusdei has begun titled “Traps, Lies, and Deceptions”.

That is exactly how I see you. I think you are here in order to proselytize Catholics for your WWCOG cult, whichever part of it is you belong to (which you have failed to mention).

As a Catholic Christian I absolutely have no interest in being proseletyzed for your cult, even if you do belong to the part of it that has changed it’s tune in the last ten years or so, and has begun to approach somewhat mainstream Christianity.

Go with God Roland, but do go.:banghead:

Knock it off, boppysbud.

Roland’s as neutral as they come. You don’t know him.

He may be part of a “nondemoninational” denomination but that doesn’t mean he’s here to try to recruit anyone into his church.

I’ve known him for years and he hasn’t done it yet. He’s so neutral that Switzerland is getting jealous :slight_smile:

I’m one of the moderators on Steve Ray’s Catholic Converts Board.

From everything I’ve seen of Roland there, the attack him here was quite misplaced.

He has been a voice honest inquiry into the Catholic faith on Steve’s board.

I have seen no evidence at all of proselytization of anything on Roland’s part.

If you have had past experience with Roland in that regard of which I am unaware, I would suggest giving him an second chance.

Pax Vobiscum!

I’m a long time poster/lurker at the DCF board. I agree with Brendan and BobCatholic. I hardly ever agree with Roland’s views in general but I’ve never known him to try to proselytize others. He is so neutral, that I’m not sure what he really believes. (That is not a dig at him, just an opinated comment.)


Roland has been posting over at Steve Ray’s board for a long time. We’re all here to vouch for him. Not a deceitful bone in his body…he’s never tried to convert any of us. He just likes hanging out with us for some reason…

He’ll be a great addtion to the forums here…

dream wanderer

I have no experience with any of the other boards mentioned here, so I can’t say.

My initial mistake was reading in the other thread that Roland is a member of the WWCOG and running with it. Herbert W. Armstrong was an un-Christian cultist, his cult remains to be mostly un-Christian, and honestly I have no interest in beleiving in more than one “god”, or a family of “gods”, or in worshipping on the Jewish Sabbath, or the other Jewish holidays while condemning the Christian calendar as “pagan”. None of which BTW Roland has seen fit to respond to.

Following Armstrong’s death SOME of his followers have decided to approach orthodox Christian teaching, perhaps Roland belongs to this subset of Armstrongists. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume so in the future.

So I will give Roland the benefit of the doubt and no longer protest to his presence on a Catholic board. You all say he is neutral, so absent any facts to establish the contrary I will assume that he is indeed neutral.

Honestly, I am a somewhat conservative Catholic. I do beleive in absolute truth, and that is DOES matter what one believes.

"…Herbert W. Armstrong was an un-Christian cultist, his cult remains to be mostly un-Christian, and honestly I have no interest in believing in more than one “god”, or a family of “gods”, or in worshipping on the Jewish Sabbath, or the other Jewish holidays while condemning the Christian calendar as “pagan”. None of which BTW Roland has seen fit to respond to…"

My new-found friend, the reason that I have not responded to the material you quoted at length in AmbassadorMan thread:

–Let the dead bury their dead. I desire no more to be chained to the past. Whatever I was in the past, I simply learn from it and…
–I desire to move forward. Meaning, I much prefer to read and study Orthodox and Apostolic Christian Faith. Something I have not done previously, and only just now beginning to do!

We learn from history, we live in the present – let us rejoice together! And, let us be iron-sharpening-iron :slight_smile:

See you in the AmbassadorMan’s thread :slight_smile:

AND to all the others – THANKS for helping clarify what you know about me!! It’s very helpful for friends to help each other
and to sharpen each other. I believe we now add another friend to our circle - Boppysbud :slight_smile:


I’m the Administrator at Steve Ray’s (very conservative, very Catholic) board and I will vouch for Roland. Attacking Roland is like attacking a parakeet. He’s totally without guile. He’s also totally without a clue that his Non-Aligned position is a path to nowhere, but we’re working on that. :wink:

Signum Crucis

I post at DCF also and I agree, Roland is neutral…so neutral you just want to throttle him sometimes. :smiley:

Love ya, Roland.

Roland, Roland, Roland…get those doggies, Roland…rawhide…

–Ann :whacky:

Yes Roland I now consider myself your friend, an I appologise for my previous dissruption of your efforts here.

Now that we are on an even keel so-to-speak, what do you say let’s begin or re-begin the conversation here, since the AmbassadorManTable thead has fallen of the front page?

If you want to discuss apostlic, orthodox Christianity I am all for it.

Let’s go!:slight_smile:


Ok, we’ll allow AmbassadorMan thread to either sink or swim without any help from us, haha! :slight_smile:

How about simply we start kwik-kwestion threads:
from you: AmbassadorMan, [question]
from me: Boppysbud, [question]

Obviously, in the question body, we throw the question not only to each other, also to anyone and everyone interested!

That way, each good question from you or me has its own chain, and we won’t end up with 20 questions blended in :slight_smile:

Probably, we’ll simply let this thread sink or swim without any help from us, heh-heh! :slight_smile:

God bless, see ya in the forum! I also watch the forum above this one - the Catholic doctrine and belief section :slight_smile:


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