Border Agent: might as well abolish immigration laws


Washington Examiner

"In a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, essentially a license to stay in the United States, a key agent testified Thursday.

What’s more, the stand down order includes a requirement that the whereabouts of illegals released are not to be tracked."


This has been reported for the last few years from what I remember. I mean the fact that ICE has had it’s hands tired by the admin.


What would be the motive for the admin to not enforce the law? Is this a drive for undocumented democrats?


That’s what some people say.


I guess it’s too bad for us legal immigrants who had to stay in line for years and years. I immigrated here in 2003. If I want my brother to immigrate here, it’d take him at least 12 years just to wait in line.


My husbands parents are a first generation American and a legal resident that never became a citizen so I hear you. Both of them followed the law.


This is why Trump has enforcement of existing immigration laws as a central pillar of his immigration plan.

I’m always amazed that we don’t crack down on illegals and focus on a healthy influx of legal immigrants and legal guest workers. The quality of people would improve dramatically and we’d still be able to get business done.

Why not be like Canada and also judge prospective immigrants on their skills and education, on what they can contribute to your country?


If we do that, then some will argue, what about the poor who can’t really compete? Well, there are a lot of poor people around the world and the solution shouldn’t be getting them all here in America. Wrong compassion! I don’t think Jesus will advocate poor people breaking laws for a better life. To escape persecution, yes! America already has the most generous immigration policy for welcoming those being persecuted. I agree with Trump that a wall must be built otherwise we won’t have a country left.




That is grossly unfair, yet illegals can come and go at will and belly up to the trough (some, not all).


I am a little concerned that the president of the National Border Patrol Council would suggest we should abolish immigration laws. But then, since he switches what the actual law says to what he wants to present it as saying, in an election year, edited and printed in a conservative tabloid, what exactly is the news here?

I do not get the news story here. It seems more like a political op-ed.


Didn’t know washington Examiner was conservative tabloid.


Yeah. And more.

More immigrants equals more cheap labor. And poor people are easier to control. A line from a song goes, “They’ll turn us all into beggers because they’re easier to please.”

Also, if the government doesn’t like it’s voters, you just create new ones.

It’s a thing the Establishments of both parties want. Establishment Dems want more Dem voters, Establishment Republicans want more cheap labor (hence why the Chamber of Commerce wants more immigrants). The losers are the lower class in America today as they see their wages drop and job competition increase.


Yep, both parties are guilty and its been like this since a few years after the last amnesty, sorry-comprehensive immigration reform-- was passed under Reagan. A lot of the laws overlooked, sanctuary cities, states/local governments aiding and abetting the violation of immigration law and refusing to cooperate with the feds even in deporting violent criminals.

Yet, the folks saying the current situation is awful propose doing exactly the same thing that resulted in the current situation. Legalization with no guarantee of enforcement.

Heck, let’s just abolish all the laws. If some folks actually are aided and abetted in violating the law-- well, no one should be held accountable. Amnesty for all.

BTW- when called to jury duty I inform the judge I will not convict anyone of anything given they’re charged by a government aiding and abetting massive violation of immigration law. That isn’t just.


No. The last count I saw (2014) placed the number of illegal immigrants residing here at over 11 million people. The government doesn’t have the manpower, resources, or infrastructure to capture, detain, and process 11 million people. So, choices have to be made. Do you bog down the system with people who’s only crime was that they didn’t fill out the paperwork or do you dedicate the limited resources you have to priorotize those cases involving crimes that actually matter?


The priority is to build a wall and secure the border, and enforce the law no matter what it takes. No job is too big if there is the will to do it. It’ll take one day at a time.


If you started to enforce our laws, the net positive of illegals would be come a net negative. Many would return to their home country without being ‘rounded up’.


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